crash for cash

Guide to making a motor insurance claim

Life doesn’t always go to plan and from time to time things go wrong. It’s inevitable that accidents happen and losses occur.

This short guide aims to help and inform so that if you do need to make a claim, the process is as smooth and swift for you as we can possibly make it.

So that you are best prepared in the event of an accident, the first thing we would suggest is to add the A-Plan telephone numbers to your phone contacts.

Your branch number can be found here and, if out of hours, please call 0345 375 2313.


What to do if you are involved in an accident?

  •  Stop – if anyone has been injured or other vehicles/property have been damaged
  •  Irrespective of who might be to blame, it’s important to remain calm and safe
  •  If anyone has been hurt call the emergency services immediately on 999
  •  Exchange details with others involved
  •  Take contact details for any witnesses
  •  If possible, and safe to do so, take pictures of the scene, the vehicles involved and any skid marks and damage
  •  Don’t discuss who caused the accident and don’t admit responsibility
  •  The police must be called if there are any injuries or damage to public property


What details do you need to record?

  •  Make, model and registration number of the vehicles involved
  •  Time, date, location and weather conditions at the time of the accident
  •  Name and address, date of birth and gender of the driver, in addition to the owner where different
  •  The number of passengers in the other vehicle and, if possible, where they were sitting in the vehicle immediately after the accident
  •  Details of any injuries to anyone involved in the accident, even if minor
  •  Contact telephone numbers
  •  Insurer details and policy numbers of all the drivers involved
  •  It is also worth taking details of police officers if they are involved and an incident reference number

After the incident, please contact you’re A-Plan branch as quickly as possible. Our friendly and understanding advisers will be keen to help you.


Do I need to wait until I get home before I call you?

There is no need to wait, during the initial contact we will talk you through what is needed, which may include:

  •  Incident details
  •  Your policy number
  •  A brief summary of damage and if your car appears drivable
  •  Your location
  •  Brief details of any injuries to you or your passengers
  •  Any witness details you may have
  •  A police reference number if your incident was attended by them


Theft or Malicious damage

Following a theft, attempted theft or a malicious damage incident please notify the police in the first instance and they will give you a crime reference number which will be required by your insurers.



Our dedicated windscreen number is 0800 197 5197. Auto Windscreens will provide assistance. When you call them please have your Insurer policy documents to hand and their adviser will talk you through the process and confirm any excess payable.



If you have purchased optional AXA Assistance breakdown cover from us the helpline is 0330 123 1631 or +44 1737 334027 from Europe.

If you have purchased Aviva breakdown through an Aviva car insurance policy, their number is 0800 678 999.

For clients with a Zurich car insurance policy, the telephone number is 0800 328 8740 or +44 8000 261844 from Europe.

If you have a Horsebox and have purchased cover from us the helpline number is 0800 055 6370.