Working safely from other people’s homes

The Government has now given the go-ahead for tradespeople to carry out their work, and with many households wanting to start or finish their home improvements, demand for builders, electricians, carpenters, plumbers, decorators and landscapers will return.

For those working at other people’s homes, or different locations form week-to-week will still need to follow Government guidelines. So what will the ‘new normal’ look like? Below we outline some of the guidance and tips to ensuring that you’re COVID-secure:

  • You’ll need to carry out a full risk assessment and you can find these on the HSE Government website.
  • If a household is isolating or shielding to protect a vulnerable person, no work should be carried out at the household, unless it’s to fix something that could put people people’s safety or lives at risk. And no work should be carried out by a person who has symptoms.
  • If you have tradespeople working for you, you’ll need to consider how they get to the property and what transport they use.
  • Make prior arrangements with the household to understand how you can access the property, ideally without face-to-face contact and how you can ensure 2m social distancing whilst you’re there.
  • Assess how you can ensure social distancing measures between individual workers – can any of this be done prior to starting the work via video call? Are you able to assign jobs to the same person each day so they are working in the same area? For multiple workers, are you able to assign teams and a buddying system to ensure there are clearly defined roles and areas in which they work?
  • Consider the areas in which you need to occupy whilst carrying out your work. How will you minimise contact with objects? Will you need disposable PPE?
  • Ensure workers bring and use their own tools
  • For high contact areas – consider how you will clean down each day when you leave the property. Think about door handles and tools. These will need to be thoroughly cleaned at the end of each day.
  • Upon entering the property each day, hands should be sanitised and paper towels should be used and safely disposed of after use.
  • Ensure individuals bring their own lunch, snacks and refreshments
  • Where possible, open windows and doors to allow extra ventilation
  • If you’re leaving materials onsite, ensure these are safely stored with no risk of contact from people in or outside of the property.

And finally, whatever your plans are, communication is key – both for the household and all tradespeople working on site. Making sure everyone has a clear understanding of the plan, social distancing measures and cleaning will be vital in keeping everyone healthy.

For more information, please check the following official websites – Working from other people’s homes

HSE – Working safely during the Coronavirus outbreak