What Universities will look like this Autumn.

If you’ve got children returning or starting university this year, things are going to look somewhat different. Endsleigh, part of the A-Plan Group, has supported students for the past 50 years, and working directly with the University sector, they’ve been able to find out what the ‘new normal’ might look like for students.

95% of universities are planning to or have confirmed they will start back in the autumn, with only 5% not having specified any plans to reopen just yet.*

The health and wellbeing of students will be the number one priority for all universities, with social distancing measures still likely to be in place during September. It’s likely that universities will create ‘social bubbles’, particularly amongst households and classmates. Larger fresher events are unlikely to take place and most Unions expect their nightclubs and bars to remain closed for the first term.

What happens upon arrival?

Welcome weekends and large scale arrival events are no longer being planned to take place, with arrivals scheduled over a longer period of time. There will be a ‘contactless arrivals’ experience in place to ensure social distancing measures are followed.

Accommodation providers will be following Government advice and are currently looking carefully at their approach to occupancy, whilst understanding student behaviours. Much tighter controls will be in place around who can and can’t enter the accommodation.

What will teaching look like?

For those universities that have confirmed they’ll be starting back later this year, 77% will be promoting a ‘blended learning’ approach with both online and face-to-face teaching. Only 1% of uni’s have confirmed that they will operate a digital-only programme.

Where there is face-to-face learning, this is likely to be in small groups. Many universities want to welcome students back with a full university experience and will be allowing access to laboratories, studios and other facilities. However, sporting activities are likely to be limited or postponed.

For more support, Endsleigh have a number of blog articles specifically for university life during lockdown, which are below. Plus, they’ve just launched their “Finding your feet” campaign to help students navigate their way through university life – click here for more information.



Thinking about insurance for students?

Endsleigh specialise in cover for students catering for risks when they’re living away from home. Benefits include theft by non-forced entry, gadget cover which will be replace items within 24 hours after a claim is settled. They even offer zero excess on laptop policies.

If your son or daughter is moving into halls of residence, then they may already be covered by their accommodation provider. They’ll be able to confirm their cover from results day onwards at endsleigh.co.uk/confirm-your-cover.

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*This insight has been collected by Endsleigh Insurance by working with accommodation providers, Students’ Unions and other Higher Education partnerships

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