What insurance do you need as a carer?

If you work in the care industry, your job revolves around caring for people who can’t care for themselves. Working as a self-employed carer, you’re a vital lifeline for those in need, but your job isn’t without its risks. It’s essential to have the right insurance in place to ensure you can keep doing what you do best, whatever happens. Let’s examine what you should look for in a carer insurance policy.

Public liability insurance for carers

The most important insurance to take out if you’re working as a self-employed carer is public liability insurance. This is because your role comes with a lot of responsibility, and could potentially put you at risk of claims being brought against you for mistakes, accidents, injuries or even abuse caused to the person you’re caring for.

An example might be if you’re responsible for administering medicine, and you inadvertently give the incorrect dosage, or miss one altogether. Another scenario might be that the person you’re caring for has a fall while you’re helping them move from one room to another, or helping them out of the bath.

Whether or not an accident was your fault, you could be held responsible for any adverse effects on the person you’re caring for, and that’s why public liability insurance is a must. It’s there to help you cover the cost of legal representation and compensation costs if you’re found to have been to blame for something that’s happened. You can include cover for things like working at night, administering medicine, personal care, accidental damage to property and any other tasks or situations you might face in your work as a carer.

Other insurance for carers

Public liability insurance isn’t the only cover you might want to consider if you’re setting yourself up as a self-employed carer. If there’s a risk you could be injured yourself – for example if you severely cut yourself while you’re preparing food for the person you’re caring for, or they fall on you while you’re helping them move around – you might want to add personal injury cover. As with other kinds of business, professional indemnity insurance is worth looking into if you’re going to be giving advice or providing any kind of service in which you could potentially make mistakes that result in loss or damage to your clients.

Carer insurance to CQC standards

At A-Plan, we pride ourselves on caring about carers, offering competitive pricing and excellent policy enhancements designed to keep you on the road and looking after those who can’t look after themselves. Our comprehensive cover meets CQC standards, and that’s reflected in the great feedback we receive. Whether we’re providing you with advice you can trust or simply helping by sending over certificates of insurance when you need them, you can rely on us to help you find the right business insurance cover for the unique requirements of your care work.