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Whether you use your van for work or at home, it’s vital to take out adequate van insurance for your vehicle. Not only is it the law to do so, but should anything happen to it, you’ll want the reassurance that the costs will be covered. You’ll also want the peace of mind that it will be back on the road with minimal impact to your everyday life and business. Find out more about insuring your van by using some of our van insurance guides below:

Levels of van insurance cover

You can choose from three levels of van insurance cover, with third party van insurance the cheapest, followed by third party, fire and theft. Fully comprehensive is the highest level and will cover you even if the responsibility for the accident lies with you.

Van insurance groups

There are twenty van insurance groups, divided according to aspects of your van such as its weight and performance. The group to which your van belongs affects the cost of your van insurance premium, though factors such as your annual mileage and no claims bonus will also make a difference to how much you end up paying for your van insurance policy.

Business van insurance

If you’re using your van for your business, you’ll need to make sure that you’re covered by specialist commercial van insurance. There are different policies for different commercial usage, such as retail or trade. You can also get extra cover for tools and goods in transit.

Van insurance for young or convicted drivers

If you’re a young driver, or you’re a driver who’s previously been convicted of a motoring offence, you might find it harder to find an affordable van insurance policy. Talk to one of our van insurance experts and we’ll help you find the right policy for your situation and budget.

Temporary van insurance

If you don’t use your van very often, or you’re simply hiring one for a short period – while you move house, for example – you can save money on an annual policy by taking out temporary van insurance. This could also prove useful if your business owns a van but it doesn’t get used very often.

All van insurance guides

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