Van driver? Tips to keeping safe during COVID-19

Many businesses are facing challenges during this crisis, but if you’re a van driver and continuing to provide that much needed support at this time, here are some tips to help keep you safe and healthy. Some of them may sound obvious, but we hope it serves as a useful reminder.

Sharing a van? How to keep it clean.

If you’re sharing a van, it’s really important that you clean down your van at the start and end of the day. Think about all of the areas that you touch during the course of your day – from the door handles, steering wheel, radio buttons, handbrake, wipers, gear stick, window controls… the list goes on. Make sure you’re cleaning these down, ideally with a disinfectant.

There’s a range of disinfectants available either commercially or online. Dettol and Zoflora are two well-known household brands.

Wearing protective equipment

Wearing gloves, ideally disposable ones is recommended, especially if you’re having to interact with objects such as letter boxes, doorbells, petrol pumps etc. Remember not to touch your face when you’re wearing gloves.  

There’s been much debate over whether masks offer any or the right amount of protection, but if you’re able to get a supply, they’re worth using to further reduce the risk of the virus spreading. But crucially, you must ensure you keep your distance from people – be that colleagues or wherever you’re visiting and follow the government guidelines of keeping two meters apart.

Antibacterial products

Again, there’s some debate around whether using antibacterial hand gel protects us against the virus by the nature of it not being a bacteria. Of course, the consistent message is to wash your hands regularly, but if you’re a van driver, this isn’t always going to be possible. But, alcohol hand sanitisers with a minimum of 60% alcohol are said to attack the structure of the virus. If you want to explore your inner geek, there’s more information on the website around how this works – but please don’t be tempted to make your own!

To keep up to date with developments on Coronavirus (COVID-19) please refer to official or reliable sources such as:

  • BBC News  website – for updates on business.
  • BBC News YouTube – catch up on the daily updates from the Government.
  • Government updates – get all the latest announcements on Coronavirus here, including links to support and guidance for businesses and employees.
  • NHS website – good general advice for all around how to keep healthy and stop the spread of Coronavirus, some of which we’ve outlined below.