Tradesman insurance – what to look for

As a tradesperson, you belong to a group of skilled workers such as builders, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, roofers and more. Because the definition of a tradesman or tradesperson is so broad, it can be difficult to know what insurance you need. The following provides an overview of the 3 main types of  insurance that you may need as a tradesperson, although you should seek advice from a qualified insurance specialist, such as ourselves, to be certain.


Although the risks between different trade occupations are different, one common risk is liability. The following types of liability cover should be on your radar:

Employers’ liability is mandatory if you have employees. It insures against injuries or damage caused as a result of your employees’ work.

Public liability is strongly recommended to protect against the threat of injuring third parties or damaging their property.

Professional indemnity covers against claims of compensation made by a client if you have made a mistake or are found to have been negligent.

Van Insurance

Your job would be difficult without a vehicle. Vans are the easiest method of transport to bring people and necessary tools to the worksite, and commercial van insurance is required if your business operations include driving.

You should also consider adding breakdown cover to your van insurance policy so that you can call for help if your van breaks down when you’re out on a job.

What’s in your Van

Tools insurance: If you use tools as part of your job, then you will appreciate how much they cost and the impact to your livelihood and finances that would result if they were stolen. Our tools insurance can protect tools stored at your property or even overnight when left in your van.

Goods-in-Transit cover: If you carry goods – whether for a client, or deliver your own – your business’ reputation is on the line. It’s not simply about protecting the value of the goods you carry – it’s also about protecting yourself against the consequences of delays.

If you need help with a complex area of tradesman insurance, speak to our Luton Commercial office.