Top tips for setting your business goals in 2021

Whilst most businesses would have been impacted by the Coronavirus in 2020, one way or another, there’s nothing quite like the start of a New Year to kick off some good habits or planning what you want to achieve in 2021. If you’ve not yet laid out your goals, aspirations or plans for your business this year, now’s the perfect time to do it. Check out our top tips below.

Firstly, let’s take a look at why setting goals is important. A goal is a vision of something you want to achieve either short or long term. Having clearly defined goals and objectives ensures that your business has focus, purpose and helps keep you moving forward, and if you have a team of people working for you, you all have a clear idea of the expectations and can work together to achieve them.  

Be specific

Having a clear goal in mind is important because if it’s too vague, it’s often harder to measure progress against or, in fact, achieve. It’s even been said that by setting and achieving small goals as part of a bigger plan can help the levels of dopamine flow regularly, helping our mental health.

So be sure to set goals that are clearly defined and have an end date. For example, if you’re looking win extra clients, how many clients and by when, or maybe it’s a financial goal you want to achieve -again, how much and by when.

Break it down into manageable steps

Even your biggest dreams and aspirations will need a plan on how to get there. Afterall, point A to point B is rarely a straight line. It’s easy for things to get in the way, things to distract us from achieve those big wins. But mapping out smaller steps to help you get there will keep you and your teams motivated and your end goals aren’t going to look so daunting or unachievable.

Write them down

As a business, it’s important to note these down and ensure that if you have team, these can be referred to regularly throughout the year. You may use these as part of objective setting and monthly, quarterly or annual reviews.

If you’ve broken down your overall targets into weekly figures, reviewing these each week will help track progress. You’ll also be able to identify what’s stopped you from doing business and what you can change to fix that, or what you can do more of/what’s working. Communicating these figures to your teams will keep them engaged and accountable.

Celebrate milestones

It’s important to recognise when you’ve hit a key milestone. Take a moment to celebrate, be that with your family or colleagues. You’ve invested a lot of time and energy into your business, so no matter how big or small the win, recognise it and be sure to say thank you to those involved in making it happen.