frozen pipes

Tips to keep your home safe this winter

During the transition from summer to winter, it is important to carry out safety checks on your home, to help prevent the worst from happening!

Pipes – Frozen pipes are the biggest reason for escape of water claims in the winter. According to the Association of British Insurers (ABI), the insurance industry pays out £2.5m every day to customers for escape of water home insurance claims. As a general rule, a plunge in temperatures to -6 is enough to cause frozen pipes. If your pipes do freeze and burst, the average claim is £7500 according to the ABI.

Reduce the risk of burst pipes by:
• Leaving the heating on a minimum of 15 degrees
• Insulating all pipes including those in the attic as these pipes are the most likely to freeze
• Insulating your cold water tank
• Make sure you can locate your mains water supply and that you know how to turn it off
• Turning off water supply to outside taps

Storm damage –
• Regularly check the condition of all roods including garages, sheds and flat roofs for signs of wear and tear
• Keep gutters, gullies and drains clear to carry water away quickly and efficiently
• Be mindful of low hanging tree branches which could cause damage in high winds

Flood Advice –
• Be aware of Met Office / Environment Agency warnings
• If there is a risk of flooding, try to move as many possessions into upstairs rooms as possible
• If you have been flooded, don’t enter your property until the mains electricity has been turned off and never use electrical appliances that may be wet. Gas can get trapped in a building after a flood, so use a battery powered torch and never use open flames to see your way