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Tips for keeping your commercial property secure

When managing commercial property, a risk you should be aware of and plan for is criminal activity, including vandalism, break-ins, theft and violence.

Though not all security threats can be avoided, some situations can be prevented with appropriate preparation, inspections, repairs and maintenance.

Here are our top tips for keeping your commercial property secure:

  • Advise tenants to report any suspicious persons or activity in or around the property.
  • Establish and follow visitor control procedures when feasible. This may include assigned parking, sign-ins for use of public areas, escorts for tours of the property, etc.
  • Survey locks, fences, exterior lights and other physical security devices to ensure that they are in place where needed and in proper operating condition. Establish a monthly inspection of your security perimeter and key protective features of your facility.
  • Evaluate critical locations in your facility for proper security, including the electric, telephone and gas units, building entrances, transformers, outside storage units and computer rooms.
  • Be sure each unit is equipped with appropriate locks and security features, and instruct tenants to let management know if maintenance is needed or if their key is lost or stolen.
  • If your property has a security/fire alarm system, be sure it is operating properly and that key personnel know how to arm/disarm it.
  • Make sure that fire suppression systems are regularly inspected and maintained. Also ensure that a sufficient number of personnel know how to activate, operate and shut them down.
  • Closed-circuit television can serve as an excellent crime deterrent, and when the system is equipped with a recorder it can help solve crimes.
  • Review your procedures for issuing keys and access cards. Keep a list of all tenants who have received keys, and how many were issued per unit.
  • Discuss security with your local police service. They are often willing to provide information and support, which may include regular patrols through or past your properties.
  • Have your local fire service conduct a pre-planned visit to your building. While there, they can identify potential hazards and plan fire suppression priorities.
  • Make sure that your commercial property insurance is adequate and up to date. You can speak to A-Plan’s specialist commercial property team for advice. The team is comprised of friendly, helpful and qualified expert advisors who can find the policy that’s just right for your property or portfolio. Give our commercial property team a call today.