The Vdub show season returns…

A-Plan Insurance attended the VW Camperjam festival.

VW Campervan festival

Our Modified Vans team from Thatcham were back out supporting the VW show scene at Camper Site on 2 July. This was a smaller show to replace Camperjam which was cancelled, and it was our first camping event in over 18 months. It was amazing to see fellow VW enthusiasts out doing what they love.

The very popular Tom Dibb was on site and performed a number of chilled acoustic music sets and kept people entertained. On Saturday night, the show was buzzing after a fantastic England football win, and “it’s coming home” and the popular “Sweet Caroline” echoed around the site until the early hours.

There was a great range of tantalising street food catering vans to keep us fed, including our good friend Mick on the Curry Stall. And for the cider and IPA lovers among us, there was a good selection of drinks flowing.

Even though this was a smaller event, there was still plenty to keep families entertained. From Archery, Axe Throwing, Ball Skills, High Trees Adventures, Fun Fair and even a classic Hook A Duck. Children were able to test out their creative skills with some key ring making and colouring and painting activities.

And one of our Modified Vans team personal favourites was the vehicle displays. Dan Cameron commented “Part of this event is about people who are passionate about their Vdubs getting together, and what better way to do that is to showcase their very own bus, van or camper. There was certainly a great turnout at this event and it’s always such a pleasure talking to people about their vans and what they love about them.”

Next up we have Bristol Volksfest and then Busfest. We can’t wait to be there and to give back to the scene. See you very soon.