Testimonial from one of our local, specialist clients

“I had a problem I needed to solve, and that problem was who would insure a car built by a grey-haired, old bloke in his garage? I was a member of both the Cobra Club and the North West Kit Car Owners Group (NWKCOG) on social media and I put the question to my fellow club members – this resulted in numerous answers but A-Plan Thatcham came out on top for recommendations.

I phoned the Thatcham branch of A-Plan and they offered me a great deal on the insurance… but most of all, I wanted an Agreed Value on my pride and joy. A-Plan were more than happy to offer this service and at no extra cost! A-Plan worked with me to ensure I received everything I needed from the insurance from agreed value to breakdown cover if I needed it. Everything was explained to me and we even changed a few points to make sure it was relevant to my car. Not all insurance companies are as flexible and as understanding of the specialist vehicle market as they were.

To summarise the experience was a delight and A-Plan Thatcham staff could not do enough to assist me in getting the cover I needed at an affordable price. I would and do recommend A-Plan’s Specialist Branch in Thatcham to all my Kit Car friends and colleagues… I would not go anywhere else!”

Steve Dobinson, Lancashire
Dax, Dedion Cobra – Kit Car