Taking a caravan or motorhome to Europe

The sun is shining and it really feels like spring is coming! Caravan and motorhome owners are turning their thoughts to getting ready for the touring season. Why not broaden your horizons a bit further this year? Travelling to Europe with your caravan or motorhome can be a great idea for you and your family and not necessarily that expensive.

A lot of people travel abroad via cheap airlines these days, so taking your caravan aboard a ferry at first might not seem like the most low cost and hassle free method of exploring Europe. However, with cheap deals available for ferry crossings and ease of booking online there really isn’t that much hassle involved.

Indeed, there a number of advantages. A big plus, especially if you are holidaying with a family, is that you can take as much luggage as you like (obviously within reason!) It also gives you the flexibility to choose where you go and see things you may not see on a coach tour for example. You certainly are spoilt for choice with some great campsites available.

Most ferries have come a long way over the past few decades and offer a far more sophisticated experience than you may remember if you ever travelled on one in your earlier years. It’s also worth noting some routes even allow you to spend the crossing in your motorhome or caravan, which then would save you the costs of booking a cabin.

It’s important to make sure you know the dimensions of your caravan when booking in order to get the best possible ferry price when booking online. Rates are calculated by the dimensions you provide and some ferries do have size limits so it’s vital to make sure that your information is correct! You should also allow for any roof racks/boxes or bike carriers etc. There are a number of comparison sites where discounts are available.

Before you set off you should check your caravan or motorhome insurance to make sure that you are covered for touring abroad. Some companies do have restrictions so it’s always important to make sure all is ok before you pack. You can speak to one of our specialists for advice.

Most European countries have legal requirements for you to carry equipment such as first aid kits and warning triangles. You will also need to have your headlights adjusted, which can be done easily and cheaply with a converter kit. It is also a requirement in most countries to have a GB sticker displayed even if you have “Euro” plates fitted to your vehicle.

It can be daunting driving in a foreign country, let alone towing a caravan, so spend a bit of time researching the basic rules of the road in the countries you are visiting. Make sure this includes speed limits which can vary with your towing weight and other towing regulations. There are a number of countries in Europe who have now introduced low emission zones in towns and cities so include this in your pre-journey research.

So travelling abroad with your caravan or motorhome can be “ferry” easy. Just make sure when you leave the ferry that you drive on the right side of the road!

For more details you can go to websites such as where there are links to motoring organisations websites for more information on driving abroad.

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