Students coming home for Christmas: Tips for parents.

Welcoming your children back home from university for Christmas is normally a joyous occasion. Even if the house does start looking a lot messier once they return… But this year, with things looking so different, …

Welcoming your children back home from university for Christmas is normally a joyous occasion. Even if the house does start looking a lot messier once they return…

But this year, with things looking so different, the experience may cause some worry for everyone involved. For both students and their parents, a big concern could be about children returning home from university and posing a risk to those who they’ll spend time with over Christmas.

On the other hand, with there being a seriousness surrounding the elderly’s vulnerability in relation to coronavirus, most people are facing a real change in Christmas traditions.

To help you through this strange time, here are a few tips for when your child returns home from university for Christmas.

  • Get your child to find out about asymptomatic university coronavirus testing

You may already be aware that as part of the government’s plans to get students home safely for Christmas, they’ve launched asymptomatic mass testing for all universities. Students need to have their test by the 9th of December (latest), with the aim of traveling home in the designated travel period which is 3rd-9th December.

As long as students act within this window, even if they do test positive, they’ll still have enough time to isolate and then travel home for Christmas. This way you can be assured that other members of your family are at as little risk possible when your children return home.

  • Encourage them to avoid public transport if possible

One of the key elements of the government’s plan to get students home safely was the national lockdown. Students should have been staying at home for four weeks prior to the testing period, so stand a good chance of passing their covid test with flying colours. However, if a student tests negative, then takes a bus/train journey home, this naturally increases their risk.

If there’s the option to avoid public transport, this may be a safer choice for them. If they don’t have the option, make sure they have enough PPE to get them home with limited risk.

  • What if my child can’t get a university covid test?

Each student’s university should be communicating with them to explain how to access their coronavirus test. If, for some reason, your child misses the final date of testing (9th December), they should contact their university for advice. If in doubt, in the absence of a test they could isolate for 14 days before returning home for Christmas to be extra careful.

  • Encourage them to do their Christmas shopping online

Most students will have been at home for the last four weeks. With just a few weeks until Christmas, and all the plans in place to get students home with limited risk, it would be a shame for them to risk their safety by hitting the shops. Get them to do their Christmas shopping online and have it delivered home so they don’t have to do lug it all back with them. Just assure them you won’t peek and ruin any surprises!

  • Remind them to bring their gadgets

Just because students will be home earlier than normal, doesn’t mean the learning stops. Universities will be moving their learning online by December 9th, so students will still need all of their study essentials.

  • Make sure their gadgets are covered

With an increasing reliance on technology this year, it’s more important than ever for students to stay in touch via their gadgets. But did you know that 66% of first year students don’t have tech device insurance?

Endsleigh are part of A-Plan Group and are the UK’s no.1 student insurer*. Having student gadget insurance in place will mean that should anything unexpected happen to your child’s gadgets (say, their laptop is stolen), then they’ll get 24 hour replacement once their claim has been approved. And because you’re here, you can also use the code APLAN2020 for 10% off all gadgets and possessions quotes with Endsleigh.

  • Make the most of this Christmas

This Christmas will be different, there’s no doubt about it. But whilst you may not be able to partake in all of your usual Christmas traditions, we hope you can still enjoy the festive period by making the most of it. Because whilst you may not be able to go to the pub, hug your grandparents, or attend large family gatherings this year; you’re still able to spend time with the ones you love. And what’s more important than that?

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