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Winter Sports – A Short Guide to Staying Safe on the Slopes

The cold, crisp air and breath-taking vistas are just a few of the simple joys associated with winter sports. However, even the most competent skier and snowboarders can be involved in collisions or accidents.

According to industry research, accidents on the slopes are the most common winter sports insurance claims. So if you are thinking of a trip to the slopes this winter, keep yourself safe during your winter sports holiday by reviewing the following tips:

  • Adhere to the international Ski Federations rules of ski and snowboard conduct. These rules are legally binding, similar to how rules of the road apply to drivers:
  • Inspect your skiing or snowboarding equipment to ensure that it is in good working condition
  • Check to make sure that the Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN) setting for your ski or snowboard bindings are properly adjusted to your age, ability, height and weight.
  • Wear protective headgear, such as a helmet and snow goggles
  • Always obey signs. They provide vital information for you and your safety
  • Ski or snowboard within the limits of your own ability and be sure you can always stop safely
  • Pick your route carefully. Be prepared to handle changing situations with skiers or snowboarders and terrains
  • Provide skiers or snowboarders in front or below you on the piste, the right of way
  • If it is necessary to climb or descend the piste on foot, keep to the side and avoid getting in the way of others
  • Don’t drink alcohol while skiing or snowboarding. If you did your reflexes will become impaired, which puts yourself and others at risk.
  • Carry a fully charged mobile phone with you


In addition to the safety tips outlined above, you should consider purchasing winter sports travel insurance. This type of policy would protect you against any unexpected bills, including lost or damaged equipment, piste rescue, piste closure, ski passes and medical emergencies.

If you want to chat to someone about your winter sports holiday insurance cover, including help with cover for pre-existing medical conditions and extreme sports cover, please contact A-Plan’s Travel Team