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Social Distancing – What can you do?

Social Distancing – What it Means

Following the recent announcement from the Government, advising people should only go out if they are shopping for basic necessities (as infrequently as possible), taking one form of exercise a day, any medical need or to help a vulnerable person, or travelling to work where it’s absolutely necessary. If you do need to go out, its advised that you still follow social distancing guidelines.

For those that go out for their once daily exercise, be that a walk, run or cycle, just follow the guidance around limiting contact with others and keeping at least six feet/2 metres away from anybody. Parks will remain open for exercising, but gatherings will be dispersed.

Alternatively you can exercise from home. There are a number of well-known fitness video bloggers (vloggers) on YouTube for people to watch, whatever your ability. 

Joe Wicks – The Body Coach

Pamela Reif


Keep in touch with people

It’s advised that you should stay at home and not be visiting others, unless it’s to care for a vulnerable person. However, you can still keep in touch with friends and family. Whether you’re familiar with FaceTime or use WhatsApp to communicate with loved ones, there’s plenty of ways to stay connected. If you’ve not tried it and you’ve got a smartphone, why not start using video calling more?

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