Skydive for Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham

James Haynes, branch manager at the Birmingham branch, gave his thoughts on his parachute jump for charity which took place this weekend:

“Skydive completed…. what an amazing experience.

Difficult to put in to words how you feel but here goes….

We arrived at Hinton Skydiving at 8 to check in. The weather was perfect hardly a cloud in the sky and we knew the jump was on.

Josh and I were on plane 5 so we were able to watch others go first. This was great as it helped settle the nerves. At 11 we were called to suit up… I found myself feeling very calm as I also had my son Oliver with me giving me lots of support and cuddles.

After the debrief Josh and I started the walk to the aircraft. I was first on… this meant I was last to jump. The aircraft was full of jumpers and camera crew men. We passed through the small amount of clouds at 2,500 ft. The sky was perfect as we hit 13,000 ft.. the door opened and people started to jump, I felt great as we shuffled to the edge, I tucked my legs under the belly of the plane, put my head back and out I went…. the rush was amazing traveling at 120 mph and descending to 5,000 ft was incredible. The parachute opened and the noise stopped and it was so calm and peaceful, we had some fun as we glided to earth with some sharp turns in the sky flinging from side to side. We landed on our feet in the drop zone.

What a fantastic experience and I will never forget.

We raised over £960 for the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Charity”

You can still donate to Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham by following this link:

Watch the video of the jump here: