Shopping when non-essential retail lockdown eases

From 15 June, non-essential retail outlets will be able to re-open, providing they are “COVID-secure”. What this means is that all retailers will need to consider social distancing measures, limiting numbers of customers in store, where people queue, flow of customer footfall, use of screens, available hand sanitisers and much more.

How you’re used to shopping for household goods or clothes will look very different, but you’ll hopefully be used to some of these measures if you’ve been to the supermarket recently.

How to shop safely

  • For some people, seeing their favourite retailer open again will be a relief, but consider if it’s something you can easily buy online. Many retailers have continued to operate online, and others will be able to deliver direct to your door as businesses start to open up more
  • Expect to queue. It could be said that us Brits love a queue, but be prepared to wait patiently. Popping in and out for ‘a quick few bits’ is no longer the norm. Give yourself plenty of time to get what you need, and be patient and considerate of others
  • Follow designated walk-ways or one way systems
  • For your protection – many retailers will either have Perspex screens, masks and sanitisers ready for yours and their protection. So be prepared to talk to people through screens
  • Don’t be tempted to touch items – consider if you really want/need the item you’re looking at, if you’re sure, then pop it in your basket
  • If it makes you feel more comfortable, where a mask in confined, closed spaces

What A-Plan branches will look like when they re-open.

The wellbeing of our branch teams and clients has always been our first thought – from closing our branches to the public before lockdown was enforced to when we re-open. Things will be different, but we are ready to support you if you need to visit your local branch. You can expect:

  • 2m social distancing measures with clear sign-posting and floor stickers
  • Limited number of clients – we’ll have door signs which will advise you to come in, or wait outside if we are at capacity with other clients
  • Perspex screens to protect you and our teams whilst you talk to us about your insurance needs
  • Hand sanitisers available in branch when you come in

Of course, you can continue to call your local branch – as our branch colleagues will also be working from home, as we have been doing since we went in to lockdown. And our average call waiting is under twenty seconds, so you don’t have to worry about long call wait times.