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Security tips for your home this winter: 5 you may not have thought about

1.If you have a side door which leads around to the back of your house and garden, keep this shut and locked to prevent intruders from gaining entry through the back door. This easy method also deters entry into garden sheds and garages.

2.Whether it be a sound barrier, such as gravel, or literal barrier in the form of a fence, make your property less appealing for possible intruders.

Meanwhile hedges, greenery and bushes should be kept trimmed at a suitable level, so that residents can maintain a natural surveillance from inside their property and potential burglars have nowhere to hide.

3. A survey by Gloucestershire police showed that more than half of us in the UK still continue to advertise our empty homes by checking into places on social media, and posting when jetting off on holiday.

Putting photos, information and updates about whereabouts on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter allows acquaintances and potential strangers to find out that your house is empty, which is sure to entice opportunists.

4. Secure sliding glass doors: Sliding glass doors have incredibly flimsy locks. A thief can easily pop them in an instant, giving quick access to your home. Installing a security bar for sliding doors would make gaining access to your home more difficult. This measure of protection is a must-have for all sliding doors and windows.

5. Change the locks as necessary: If you’ve just purchased a home from someone, your first order of business should be to meet the locksmith at your new home. You have no idea who is out there with a key just waiting for the moment to use it. In addition, if you’ve had a breakup recently, it is time to change the locks. The person may give you the key back, but you have no idea how many copies are out there. Having the locks changed is good for the peace of mind.

One for luck….at this time of the year, as you may be buying Christmas presents and storing them at home, make sure to keep anything valuable out of sight. It is also a good time to review your household insurance – see our handy guide.