Protect your pet at Christmas

Christmas is often a time of indulgence as we consume those extra treats that are in abundance at this time of year. However, if you have a dog or cat it can be both a bewildering and dangerous time for them. From Christmas trees to climb or chocolate left out on tables, pet owners can often find themselves taking an emergency trip to the vet at this busy time of year. See below for a list of those things to keep an eye on:

  • Food and drink
    • The following foods are all toxic to dogs: chocolate, mince pies, Christmas puddings, blue cheese and macadamia nuts. Gravy, stuffing and sausages often contain garlic, chives or onion which are also poisonous to dogs.
    • Chocolate is also very poisonous to cats.
    • Just a tablespoon of alcohol can cause liver and brain damage in animals so make sure they have plenty of water to drink, especially in a hothouse
    • Stock up on lots of pet-friendly treats so they are less tempted to eat your leftovers
  • Decorations
    • Tinsel and wrapping paper can be great for cats to play with but can cause a dangerous blockage in your pet’s stomach
    • Candles not only burn but can cause a fire if knocked over. Think about using battery-operated candles that have a flame effect
    • If an animal chews through fairy lights not only could it start a fire but they may well get burned or, in extreme cases, electrocuted. Think about battery operated lights for your tree
    • Cats love to climb a Christmas tree but if it falls over they could easily get hurt. Think about securing your tree to make it more stable

Make sure you know in advance when your local vet is closed over the festive period and make a note of the out-of-hours emergency vet number.
Source: House Beautiful UK