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12 Feb

We have a winner!

Delighted to announce that Carl Matthews is the well-deserved winner of our travel insurance Facebook photo competition He has won a GoProHero4 Action Camcorder Silver Edition with his photo of a jet ski There were 2 close runners-up: Alastair Dixon with his mountain view and Jane Tearle with her colourful Hari Krishna dancers We would also

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empty nesters
10 Feb

Choosing the right type of life insurance

Life insurance provides your loved ones with financial support in the event of your death. However, there are several different types of insurance and knowing which is right for you can prove to be a minefield. This article will help make sense of some of the terminology and go through some of the considerations you

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04 Feb

9 tips for staying focused on the road

According to Brake, the road safety charity, an estimated 22% of crashes could be caused, at least in part, by driver distraction. Distracted driving can have dangerous consequences. It is a particular risk when you drive a lot for your job as focusing on your mobile and work interruptions mean a decreased awareness of surrounding traffic, a sense of

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02 Feb

Declutter your home

Spring seems a long way off and the weather has been dreadful. Why not spend some time decluttering your home now before the nicer weather comes? There may be some added benefits too – you will have more space, less to clean, less to organise and you can earn money by selling your unwanted possessions

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28 Jan

Win a Garlando football table with A-Plan!

A-Plan are excited to be running a table football tournament on Saturday 13th February at AFC Wimbledon! The overall winner will win a Garlando football table worth £400 The tournament will kick-off at 11am at the Kingsmeadow ground and the final will be played on the pitch during half-time! It is free to enter and there

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27 Jan

Protect your family from Carbon Monoxide poisoning

During the winter, most of us become concerned with insulating our homes in order to reduce heating bills and protect ourselves from the cold outdoors. However, with our homes tightly sealed and the heating blazing away, there can be a risk of carbon monoxide exposure. Carbon monoxide gas can’t be seen, tasted or smelt but

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21 Jan

Cyber Risks & Liabilities

Cyber Security: From IT to the C-Suite A 2015 government survey revealed that an estimated 90 per cent of large organisations and 74 per cent of SMEs had suffered a cyber attack within the past year. The average cost of an attack varied widely—from £115,000 to £1.46 million—depending on the size of the organisation and

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14 Jan

HSE Safety Cornerstones – Jan 2016

Health and Safety Fines Set to Rise Dramatically Starting 1st February 2016, new guidelines from the Sentencing Council will dramatically increase fines for corporate manslaughter, food safety and hygiene offences, and health and safety offences. This will apply to any applicable sentence handed down on or after that date, regardless of when the offence was

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12 Jan

Tips for staying safe when driving in heavy rain and floods

Before you drive • Avoid driving during heavy rain and floods if possible • If you must drive, check the weather reports and traffic updates and take care when choosing a route • Check wipers, tyre pressure and headlights are all ok and in good working order • Make sure you fill up with fuel before your journey In

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