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life insurance
21 Mar

Why you should place your life insurance policy in trust

One of the main aims of future planning is to ensure financial security for your family and beneficiaries in case of your death. Life insurance is an ideal way to do this. Losing a partner or parent is one of the most harrowing experiences in life but fighting for a life insurance payout at the

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16 Mar

Why are motor insurance premiums rising?

Whilst insurers are experiencing increasing levels of claims frequency and cost (especially for bodily injury and vehicle repair costs), there have been two major changes that are having an impact: The first is Insurance Premium Tax. This is a Tax levied by the Government on most insurance products.  Since November 2015, this has increased from

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16 Mar

Cyber attacks and malware threaten all businesses

Cyber attacks aren’t going away. Email will continue to be the main distribution method and social engineering practices (tricking users) will continue to evolve. With data breaches becoming more common and high profile, there is a need for increased diligence from directors concerning cyber security, to prevent claims arising Directors in the US are potentially

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13 Mar

Taking a caravan or motorhome to Europe

The sun is shining and it really feels like spring is coming! Caravan and motorhome owners are turning their thoughts to getting ready for the touring season. Why not broaden your horizons a bit further this year? Travelling to Europe with your caravan or motorhome can be a great idea for you and your family

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taxi insurance
10 Mar

Taxi insurance – why you need bespoke cover

No matter what type of hire your taxi business provides, insurers usually offer the same four covers, listed below, that are available to other commercial motor clients: Act only cover is so named because it provides the minimum level of cover to satisfy the Road Traffic Act, insuring third party liability arising from the use

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sell your home
06 Mar

How to sell your home

Spring is often thought of as the best time to sell your home. If you are currently looking to sell, have just put your home on the market or struggling to get viewings, we’ve put together some tips to help you make your home look its best. You may have heard of the term “home

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03 Mar

UK Companies Top 3 Risks in 2017

Each year brings with it a collection of challenges for businesses to overcome, and 2017 is no different. According to a recent industry survey, the following three risks are the most significant that UK companies of all sizes will be confronted with this year: Cyber incidents: Cyber incidents once again are the top risk facing

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driving tests
28 Feb

Driving Tests Changing in 2017

Driving tests are changing After a consultation and trials across the country last year, the practical driving test is set to change. There are several changes which take into account new technology and more realistic driving scenarios and manoeuvres, with particular attention being paid to driving in rural areas. The main changes coming to Driving

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moving your business
23 Feb

Moving your business and moving your business energy

When moving your business premises, sorting out your energy is unlikely to be a top priority. With contracts, agents and the day-to-day running of your business to think about, gas and electricity can easily be overlooked. But it doesn’t have to be a massive task – having some simple bits of information to hand can

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