Off-road insurance

Off-road vehicles are great fun. They’re also rising in popularity. But how do you go about insuring them

How To Insure Your 4x4

If you want to follow the trackless trodden, off-roading might be for you. An escapade through snowy hills or on the muddy countryside can be exhilarating. Nothing compares to that adrenaline.

Off-road vehicles are great fun. They’re also rising in popularity. You can take them nearly anywhere and ride into the sunset alone or with friends. Either way, you’re in for a good time. But, like with any other vehicle, you can get insurance cover for any damages, losses, or incidents.

Why do I need off-road insurance?

If you’re a 4×4 driver or off-road motorcycle enthusiast, this insurance is for you. It’ll give you extra peace of mind when you go on your adventures. You can cover any off-road vehicles you plan to take for a spin on sand, rocks, snow, and many other daring routes.

In this article, we’ll take you on a drive through all the things you should know about off-road cover. We’ll also cover what off-road insurance is and how it works.

What is off-road insurance?

Off-road insurance is a specialist motor insurance plan. It protects you against financial loss in many scenarios involving your off-road vehicle. It applies to different categories of off-road vehicles too.

If you damage your vehicle in an accident, off-road insurance will have it covered. Any damage you cause to a third party will be paid for too, depending on your policies. This cover includes legal fees, vehicle repairs, and any medical bills.

Off-road insurance also covers theft, as long as you take some measures to keep your vehicle safe. There are additional policies to consider adding to it, like breakdown cover or multiple riders cover.

Read on to find out more about what is available, and what would suit your needs.

What types of off-road motor insurance can you get?

There are three different levels of off-road insurance cover:

  • Comprehensive off-road insurance
  • Third-party off-road insurance
  • Third-party, fire, and theft off-road insurance

If you’re going off-roading, you’ll want your vehicle insured with the right cover. The three levels are available for different needs. So it would be best if you first thought about risks when you’re riding.

Comprehensive off-road insurance

Comprehensive insurance is the highest level of cover you can get. A comprehensive insurance package is an excellent choice if you’re quite the daredevil. If you take your vehicle onto off-road journeys that pose some risk, this cover is the best for you.

Comprehensive off-road insurance covers damages to a third party and your vehicle. If you cause any damage to someone else, their property, or their vehicle, you won’t have to pay for them yourself. Neither will you pay for your vehicle repairs.

It also covers fire and theft. If someone commits arson, you’re insured for vehicle repairs or replacements. The same goes if someone steals your vehicle. In some cases, if your vehicle can be beyond economical repair, you will get a replacement of the same value as the destroyed one.

Third-party off-road insurance

Third-party insurance is the lowest level of cover available. It’s also required by law since it covers any damage to a third party. So, if you damage someone else’s property, injure them, or damage their car, this insurance policy covers the expenses.

Many people opt for third party insurance to save money. But if you choose this cover and cause an accident, you’ll have to pay for your vehicle repairs. Third-party insurance doesn’t cover theft either. You’re also not insured for damages caused by fires.

Third-party, fire, and theft off-road insurance

Third-party, fire, and theft insurance includes everything third party insurance does. It also comes with a cover for theft and fire damage, as you can tell from its name.

This insurance cover level comes with increased peace of mind. It makes a popular choice since it’s the middle ground level of off-road insurance.

What extra off-road insurance policies can you get?

Off-road insurance gives you access to policies tailored for heavy-duty vehicles. These policies will be different from usual motor ones.

Whether you’ve got a Jeep, the new Super Adventure R motorbike, or a snowmobile, you can choose your cover.

You get to customise your insurance cover with policies as part of your premium. This choice will depend on your needs, so it’s handy to know your options before talking to a broker.

At A-plan, we have a wide panel of insurers. We can give you access to many off-road insurance policies. Some of the main policies you can get for your off-roading vehicle are:

  • Green laning cover
  • Breakdown cover
  • Non-competitive off-road/ green-lane events
  • Limited mileage discounts
  • Ex-military or modified vehicle cover

Green laning cover

If you plan on going green laning with your dirt bike, 4×4, or ATV, this insurance policy has got you covered. Green lanes are public highways. So, even if you’re riding on a road that’s not finished with Tarmacdan, you still need an appropriate cover. If you get this policy, you can freely ride on green lanes.

Breakdown cover

This covers your vehicle in the case of an off-road breakdown. Off-roading can be tough on your vehicle. What happens if you find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere with a specialist vehicle? You can get help picking up your vehicle, whether that’s on a public road or one of your adventures.

Non-competitive off-road/ green-lane events

If you attend off-road or green late non-competitive events, you need to tell your insurer. This policy covers damages to a third party and your vehicle. The amount of cover depends on the insurance level you get too. Then, you can have fun at events while knowing you’re protected.

Limited mileage discounts

You can opt for a limited mileage discount to bring the cost of your off-road vehicle cover down. This policy is perfect if off-roading is a hobby of yours. Typical limits include 5,000, 3,000, and 1,500 miles per year, but some can go down to 1,000. So, if you only take your vehicle out every once in a while, this policy might be for you.

Ex-military or modified vehicle cover

It can be challenging to find an ex-military or modified vehicle cover, but it is possible. You’ll need to get this policy to be in the clear with your insurance. Whether you swapped your tyres for larger ones, added a TV, or adapted an ex-military car, you can protect it with this specialist cover. You need to let your broker know and choose this policy.

How can you claim your off-road insurance?

If you need to make a claim, the process is quite simple. We know incidents can cause a lot of distress, but all you need to do is call your insurance broker. They will file a claim for you and make your case. Brokers, like A-Plan, will speak to the insurance company on your behalf.

If you don’t have an insurance broker, there will be some extra steps. You’ll need to call your insurer directly. You might also have to fill out some forms to have your claim put through their system. Then, you will have to contact your insurer and answer any questions about your claim.

How much does it cost to get off-road insurance?

Your premiums will depend on several things. Your coverage would be based on your individual needs, so there’s no set price. Any policies you choose to add and any deals you get will influence the final cost of your cover.

Your driving experience and the vehicle’s condition can impact the cost of insurance, so can any modifications, your mileage, and where you keep your vehicle.

You would need to get a quote to gain a better idea of how much your insurance will cost.

How can you get a better price for your off-road insurance?

If you’re deemed a low-risk driver by your insurer, you can get lower premiums for off-road insurance. There are some steps you should follow to prove your reliance.

If you want to get a better price for your off-road insurance, you should:

  • Get insurance through an insurance broker. They have long-lasting relationships with insurance firms. This professional link creates trust, which helps your broker get you the best deals.
  • Limit your mileage and get a limited mileage discount. If you don’t use your off-road vehicle that often, limiting your mileage won’t be difficult and could reduce your premium. Insurance companies view less time driving or riding as less time of risk.
  • Keep your vehicle safe, locked, and install an alarm system. When you’re not using your off-roading vehicle, you should keep it secure in a lockup or garage. Your premiums are likely to be lower for vehicles that are at lower risk of being stolen.
  • Join an owners club or car club. There are many clubs you can join, and some are specific to some main motor vehicle models.
  • Become an experienced driver or rider. You can take accredited courses to gain experience that makes you look more reliable, which helps lower premiums.
  • Have a good, reliable vehicle. Old vehicles can easily break down, fail, and cause accidents. Upgrade, or fix any outstanding issues before you insure it. That’s not to say you should scrap your old vehicle. Simply make sure it’s in good condition before you get insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is off-road insurance the same as 4×4 car insurance?

The difference between off-road and 4×4 insurance is that the first applies to any off-road vehicle. 4×4 insurance doesn’t necessarily have an off-road policy, though.

You can opt to insure a 4×4 with off-road insurance, but that will only cover you driving it off the road. But, you can also get 4×4 insurance and choose to include an off-road policy.

Off-road insurance is an excellent option for specialist vehicles you drive off-road. If your family car is a 4×4, you might prefer regular 4×4 insurance. But things are different if you have a designated off-road 4×4. Off-road insurance can give you policy options to protect you exclusively off-road.

Is off-roading the same as green-laning?

Off-roading and green-laning often get confused for the same thing, but they’re not. Green-cleaning refers to driving or riding on routes that are also public highways. These roads aren’t polished. So there’s green foliage growing through and around them.

Off-roading refers to going off the beaten track, so like the name says: off the road. If you’re riding across a route that’s just not finished, you’re still on a public highway. But, if you leave that road and go into the wild, you’re off-roading.

Can you get insurance for an off-road bike?

You can get off-road bike insurance. You should get it if you’re going to venture into adrenaline-filled rides. Off-road bike insurance is often the better choice when you’re looking for insurance.

You can specifically tailor your premiums for going on free-roaming adventures. You can choose off-road insurance for your dirt, motocross, or trial bike.

You can have any motor two-wheeler insured so that you can ride off-road with confidence.

What vehicles can you get covered by off-road insurance?

You can get off-road insurance for any motor vehicle you plan on taking off the road. The cover includes 4×4 and two-wheelers. The world can be your road with this specialist insurance. If you’re unsure, your insurance broker can guide you through the process and answer any questions.

Why choose A-plan for your off-road insurance?

We have over 100 years of experience providing our customers with the right insurance. Our service is personal. A-plan advisors will always spend time getting to know you, your needs, and your circumstances. We’ll use all the information you provide to come up with the best options for you. Our team of specialists works with a panel of over 40 insurers and is by your side to support you in the event of a claim.

Your off-road insurance cover can include:

  • Non-competitive off-road or green-lane events
  • Limited mileage discounts
  • Owners club or car club discounts
  • Ex-military and modified vehicles cover
  • No Claims Bonus not always required
  • Multi-vehicle cover
  • Many other insurance policies

If you would like to find out more, or ask any questions, you can find your local branch here and simply give them a call. They will be happy to help!

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