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Moving your business and moving your business energy

When moving your business premises, sorting out your energy is unlikely to be a top priority. With contracts, agents and the day-to-day running of your business to think about, gas and electricity can easily be overlooked.

But it doesn’t have to be a massive task – having some simple bits of information to hand can help tie up your energy and avoid spending ages on the phone to your supplier.

Your move-out date

While it may seem glaringly obvious, letting your supplier know the exact date (and even time – if you can be that precise) you’re leaving your premises is important.

Similarly if someone else is taking the keys from you, knowing when they are expected to arrive will help – the sooner your supplier knows who’s moving in, the sooner they can close your account.

New occupier details

As the above suggests, the more you can tell your supplier about the new occupier, the better.

A business name, account holder details and contact information all go a long way to getting the supply switched from your name to theirs.

Your closing meter readings

This is the golden rule of leaving a premises; unless there’s a smart meter installed at your site, always make a note of your meter readings. It’s often the first thing a supplier will ask for when you call, and can be an important factor in quickly closing your account.

Without them you can expect a delay in the handover process and an estimated final bill – all for the sake of a few numbers.

Your forwarding address

The other ‘must have’ is a forwarding address – your supplier will need somewhere to send your final bill and contact you should there be any issues with closing your account.

And if they already supply your new premises, they’ll be able to get your energy set up at the other end if you’re happy to stay with them. So rather than having to shop around, you can be sorted before you even arrive.

Top four business moving tips

  • Set up a Moving Team – they can help you plan the whole process of moving your business
  • Back up your IT systems – in case anything gets broken in transit
  • Look into Green Energy at your new site – you could save money in the long run
  • Tell everyone about the move – it’s a good networking opportunity
  • Don’t forget to organise your commercial property insurance at your new premises


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