Looking after your windscreen this winter

The nights are closing in, the clocks are going back and the weather looks to be taking a colder turn this week. With winter just around the corner, and the possibility of rain, ice, or even snow, it makes perfect sense to be prepared. Here are some tips (reproduced with permission from Auto Windscreens) on looking after your windscreen this winter:

  • If possible, put your vehicle in a garage overnight
  • Try not to park your vehicle in an open area over night. Park next to a building. This will help prevent the vehicle from being exposed to the elements
  • Try to park your vehicle in the middle of other parked vehicles to get some protection from the elements
  • Try to cover your glass with some type of covering so you can easily remove the snow / ice
  • If your vehicle is covered in snow, try to remove all the snow not just from the windscreen. If not, snow can slide off the roof or blow up from the bonnet which could obstruct your vision
  • Never poor boiling water on your glass, it could cause it to crack
  • Always use a good quality de-icer
  • When de-icing your side windows ensure they are free from frost at the edges of the felt / rubber runners. If not, you could cause damage to the opening mechanism
  • Try to carry 2 tins of de-icer in case one runs out or the spray nossle stops working
  • Regularly check your wiper blades for splits / perishing and other wear & tear
  • Never pull the wiper blades off the glass or turn them on when they are frozen. This could cause the rubber to tear
  • Always clear all the glass and mirrors, not just a porthole to look through
  • Always use a quality ice scraper that is made for the job. Do not use a CD case / spade or credit card
  • Look for damage on your windscreen regularly. If you see any stones chips or cracks, get specialist advice asap
  • Ensure you top up with anti-freeze screen wash daily. Never be tempted to use washing up liquid in place of anti-freeze
  • If leaving your vehicle running to clear the interior, ensure you stay with the vehicle. If you leave the vehicle, this can invalidate your insurance if the vehicle is then stolen

Equipment to have in the vehicle at all times

  • A good quality de-icer
  • A good quality ice scraper
  • A good quality anti-freeze screen wash