Looking after your mental health in lockdown

It was Mental Health Awareness Week from 18-24 May and for many of us, this will be week ten of being at home, away from friends and family, which has no doubt started to take its toll. We’ve previously written about looking after your wellbeing – both physically and mentally, but we wanted to provide a fresh perspective on looking after your mental health, now that we’re further into the coronavirus crisis.

Extended exercise

Now that the Government has eased some restrictions in England, allowing us have unlimited exercise this may be a great opportunity for you to explore local areas more freely. Exercise has been linked to supporting a positive mental wellbeing for many, from increased self-esteem, better sleep or managing stress or anxiety. Read our blog on extended exercise during lockdown for activity ideas.

Meeting one friend for a socially distanced walk

Following on from the extended exercise, meeting up with a friend for a walk may be just what you need, having seen the same four walls for the past however many weeks. Being able to talk, laugh or cry about the recent events could help – after all, #itisgoodtotalk.

Gardening and DIY

For many, gardening also helps towards a positive mental wellbeing and with the weather currently dry and as we enter the summer months, there’s plenty to do if you’ve got some outside space. Check out our May gardening tips.

Now with retailers such as B&Q opening up again, it may be a great opportunity to tick off those jobs that you’ve been wanting to get done for a while. Perhaps it’s redecorating one of the rooms in your house, creating extra storage space for your knick-knacks or children’s toys. And if you’re in need of some inspiration, head over to Pinterest for a whole host of DIY ideas. Having a sort out or painting and decorating can not only provide a sense of achievement, but focussing on a project can give you a much needed distraction from the current events.

Arts and crafts

You may have recently had your fill of TV and Netflix shows and want to now turn your hand to being a bit more creative. Perhaps a new upcycling project, or returning to an old hobby whether it’s painting, drawing, woodwork or something else. Finding time to let your creativity flow can be very rewarding and fulfilling. Maybe you want to start something new? With YouTube readily available on our phones, tables and TV’s, it could prove useful in picking up the basics of a new hobby.


Mindfulness can come in many different forms – meditation, yoga, breathing techniques, keeping a journal, self-affirmations and more. Many people find these techniques useful in keeping a positive mind. By keeping present in the moment and not focussing on the future, it can help to dispel fears or worries.

However you’re feeling about lockdown, there’s plenty of support available – be that friends, family or the likes of Mind, we’re all in this together!