Lockdown – a great time to sort out your van.

Finish work, throw stuff in the van. Next day, finish work, throw stuff in the van… sound familiar? If you’re sick of hunting around your van, looking for that fill valve or spanner, check out our top tips for a lockdown van sort out.

Now, depending on how bad your van is currently looking, or how far you want to take this project, you could be looking at a day’s work, or if you want to start creating some racking for your Dewalt tools, we’ve got some inspiration just for you.

Clearing out

Sounds obvious, but you need to get all the disorganised stuff out of your van. Rather than putting it straight on the driveway or garage floor, get some crates or boxes to sort as you go. That way, if it takes you longer than a day, you don’t have to start again tomorrow.


Thinking about how you use your van every day, what items do you need to access most regularly? Ensure they are easily accessible and closest to the van doors.

Shelving or racking is a great way to organise your tools. There are plenty of places where you can buy ready-made racking like Vankit or Van Racking Solutions. Or, you can build your own shelving system using a dexion framework and then ply-line it with plywood. There’s plenty of videos on YouTube to get you started or for some inspiration, head to Pinterest.

Think about the layout of your van, considering weight distribution, whether you need a work bench or electricity hook-ups in there. If you carry a lot of large tools, you might consider anchor points to allow you the flexibility but ability to strap items in, whilst keeping one side of your van fairly clear.

Pegboards are also incredibly useful particularly for those smaller tools that you use every day.

Everything in its place

When you’re ready to place everything back in the van, make sure you’ve used well labelled boxes or drawers for easy access of what you need. Ideally you should use a hook or marine locking system on draws and bungee cords to stop things flying around whilst you’re on the move.

General maintenance

This is also a really good time to look over your van to ensure it’s well maintained. From checking the oil and tyre pressures, these are things you can do whilst in lockdown. And whilst giving it a well-deserved clean and hoover won’t necessarily help it run better, clearing out those old crisp packets and coffee cups will no doubt make you feel better driving around in your own van again.