Keeping your premises safe this winter

Your business premises may have been unoccupied more than usual this year, but it’s just as important as ever to ensure they are kept secure and have a plan on how to deal with any break-ins and theft.

Though not all security threats can be avoided, some situations can be prevented with appropriate preparation, inspections, repairs and maintenance.

Here are our top tips for keeping your business secure:

Closed-circuit TV cameras

CCTV cameras can be a great deterrent for would-be thieves. It’s advisable to use a reputable security installation company to look over your premises to help identify what you need from your security system – from additional locks, cameras and alarms. You should also consider whether it’s linked to a 24-hour monitoring company and how to disable the alarm should it be triggered (including telling key personnel how to deactivate the alarm).

Make sure your fire alarm system is operating properly and is inspected and maintained on a regular basis. Ensure that any electrical equipment is regularly PAT tested in line with the latest guidelines – don’t forget staff room kettles, microwaves etc. This can help reduce the risk of faulty electrical equipment causing issues down the line. Make sure all of your fire safety equipment and extinguishers are current and in working order. Have your local fire service conduct a pre-planned visit to your building. While there, they can identify potential hazards and plan fire suppression priorities.

External building security – Survey locks, fences, exterior lights and other physical security devices to ensure that they are in place where needed and in proper operating condition If you have a car park, ensure it’s well lit, particularly for staff members walking to their vehicles on dark evenings. And again, if you’ve not already got cameras overlooking the car park, consider getting these installed for added protection. Establish a monthly inspection of your security perimeter and key protective features of your facility

Visitor controls – establishing and following visitor control procedures when feasible. This may include assigned parking, sign-ins for use of public areas, escorts for tours of the property, etc. Review your procedures for issuing keys and access cards. If you have tenants, keep a list of all tenants who have received keys, and how many were issued per unit.

Make sure that your commercial property insurance is adequate and up to date. You can speak to A-Plan’s specialist commercial property team for advice. The team is comprised of friendly, helpful and qualified expert advisors who can find the policy that’s just right for your property or portfolio. Give our commercial property team a call today.