Keeping safe at a music festival

With festival season now in full swing, here are some tips to keep your valuables safe if you are heading to one this summer.

Whilst most people are concerned with what the weather will be doing, where their favourite bands will be playing or how clean the loos will be, many forget about the downside of theft.
Statistics show that on average 16% of festival goers are affected by theft*.

Moreover, each festival goer brings along with them, on average, the equivalent of around £1000 of valuables. With festival goers taking along increasingly expensive electronics such as mobile phones and cameras to capture the festival moment, the more at risk they are from predatory thieves.

Here are some tips on how to keep your belongings safe at festivals this year:

1 – Never leave valuables unattended in tents or in cars.
2 – Consider what you really need to take. Can you share who should take what among your friends?
3 – Do you really need to take an expensive smart phone? Try taking an older, pay-as-you-go model instead and a less expensive or disposable camera. Or, if you can’t bear to be without it, make sure it is insured (and has a protective case).
4 – Only take out as much cash as you need and consider keeping it in a money belt.
5 – Separate cash from cards and only take one bank/credit card if you can. Keep a note of your card number and the number to call if you lose it.
6 – Make sure pockets or handbags can be zipped closed to prevent belongings being snatched.
7 – Don’t flash the cash or the expensive hi-tech gadgets, keep items in a zipped bag rather than a back pocket.
8 – Keep belongings in the bottom of your sleeping bag at night.
9 – Use lockers if available. Even if they do cost you, it is better than losing your prize possessions.
10 – Report anything lost or stolen to the police immediately and get a crime number that you can report to your insurance company. It might also be worth checking lost property. Statistics from Glastonbury in 2015 show that over 700 items were handed in, including 250 wallets, complete with contents, 118 mobile phones and 38 cameras!
11. Before going to a festival, it is worth checking if your valuables are covered by your home insurance policy, even if out of the home. Speak to your local A-Plan branch to check if you have additional personal belongings cover on your policy already or, if not, whether it can be added.

References: www.skiddle.com

*Aviva research (2012) based on reports to insurers of theft, loss or damage