Just what is keeping Brits up at night?

According to research by Bupa, 32 million Brits wake up worrying. If our mind is worrying it will not let us sleep, and waking up in the night can leave you tired, irritable and unable to concentrate.

So just what keeps us awake?

The same research by Bupa states that the number one thing that keeps us up at night is our health. Research shows that one in five people will put off seeing a health professional and it is often the last thing to do on their daily ‘check list’, hence why health is the thing that keep us up at night.

The cost of resilience report commissioned by Zurich supports Bupa’s research but also shows that money worries are also high on the list with many stating that not being financially resilient at times of illness and uncertainty is something that keeps them up.

According to the same report by Zurich, not having protection and insurance products in place appears to be positively correlated with the incidence of worrying. Of those who state they wake up at night with things on their mind, two-thirds do not have income protection in place, compared to one in twenty of those who do have it. Three in five of those who wake up worrying don’t have critical illness cover while two in five don’t have life insurance.

How can insurance help?

The correlation is clear that insurance can help with a better night’s sleep, whether it’s your health keeping you up or financial uncertainty. An insurance product although not a tangible object will take some of that worry off your shoulder. Talking to a health and protection specialist adviser about your current circumstances is a great first step to getting that good night sleep. An insurance specialist will be able to recommend a product suitable to your needs. Both private medical insurance and income protection are both products that will give you peace of mind, thus aiding a better night sleep.

What else can you do if you wake up in the night worrying?

If you wake up in the night and you can’t get back to sleep after 10 minutes you should:

• Get out of bed

• Make a non-caffeinated hot drink

• Write down what is worrying you OR

• Read a book

• Go back to bed when you feel tired again

It’s essential to make sure your room is shielded from any light and it’s worth turning your phone off so that it isn’t giving off light from the screen. By eliminating distractions, you are giving yourself the best chance to sleep through the night.

Establishing a regular and healthy sleep pattern can be described as learning to play an instrument. It requires commitment, dedication and repetition.

What does Ian Sawyer, Commercial Director of A-Plan Life and Health say?

“It is clear getting a good night is essential for us functioning day to day. I find a nice warm drink before bed helps me sleep, and making sure I’m in a dark room. If financial protection and your health keep you up at night then speaking to a specialist broker will be able to help. Insurance products are there to give peace of mind and comfort and could just be the answer to getting the sleep you deserve. The team here at Assured Futures will listen to a customer’s needs and recommend something suitable to their own set of circumstances.”

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