Insurance quote for the Millennium Falcon

Have you ever wondered how much it would cost to insure the biggest taxi in the world? Well, we had the privilege of doing just that. Details below.

Mr H Solo
The Rebel Base

Dear Mr Solo

Thank you for your instructions to arrange cover on the Millennium Falcon from the 18/12/2015
Cover has been arranged on the information provided and is subject to the outstanding documents being received within the next 14 days…..

Your quotation is based on the information you have given us. We have based our assessment on a fair analysis of the available market and have selected this policy taking into account its close match with your requirements on cover and price.

You asked for:Insured Vehicle:The Millennium Falcon
Sums Insured:£9.6 Billion
Permitted DriversMr H Solo & Mr Chewbacca
Permitted Use:Carriage of Passengers for Hire and Reward
No Claims Bonus:Nil Years
Recommendation:We have concluded the following policy most closely matches your requirements:
Insurer:Dark Star Insurance co.
Compulsory Excess:£3000
Driving other ships:Exclude
Premium:Premium Payable incl. Insurance Premium Tax:£11.9 million
Arrangement Fee:£120
Legal Expenses:£120
Total Cost:£11.9 million

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How much to insure the Millenuim Falcon
Please note the following terms:
Cover is reduced to third party only when in the asteroid field near the destroyed planet of Alderon.
The excess is increased to £6000 following any claim for damages involving imperial ships.
If you wish to pay via direct debit, the finance agreement is through Hutt premium finance, bounty hunters will be sent if you are unable to make your payments.
All Wookie based damages are subject to an additional £4,500 excess.
Please refer any non-standard in ship entertainment satellite navigation or quad laser cannons.
Furthermore and in common with most insurers cover is excluded for any damages that occur whilst at lightspeed, including the jump to and coming out of lightspeed.

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