Inflation busters: Discount clubs

To help balance out the cost of inflation, this month A-Plan is reviewing discount clubs!

Inflation busters: Discount clubs

These discount clubs offer can be a good go-to for everything from utilities to entertainment, and it may be worth considering the generous ‘Ode’ cashback scheme, which could go some way to offset the rising cost of inflation and pay for your groceries. So take a look, find the discount clubs that works best for you and start saving now! 

Discounts for over 50’s

If you’re 50-years-young and over, we recommend Silversurfers.

Not only does Silversurfers have a wealth of news and general interest items to enjoy, but subscribers can access some great discounts on everything from 30% off airport parking, discounted learning courses, discounted insurance deals, and so much more, including refurbished iPads for just £39.99!  

The more premium Silversurfers Club + is only available to subscribers and also works to support small businesses who share their experience and passion with the community.

You don’t have to join the Club + but if you do have an interest in online courses, from fitness to singing, Bollywood dancing to journaling, for less than £10 per month (currently offered at £3 per month for three months), there is a lot to keep you busy.

There are other sides to Silversurfers also worth exploring, from their financial planning services, a speaker’s corner and community showcase to share recipes and more, and they even have their own Wine Club, powered by Naked Wines!

Silversurfers also offers a great community spirit, with plenty of conversations to be had on Facebook in particular. Why not join online, and follow them on Facebook?

How easy is it to join Silversurfers?

Very! To join the free version of Silversurfers, you need to be over 50, no payment information is needed, and you can start saving straightaway. Register here.

Discounts for carers

With a motto of “Helping those who help others by making their lives easier and making their money go further”, offers a number of savings solutions worth considering if you are a professional or at-home carer, whether still active, or retired.

The first option to highlight is their generous cashback card scheme, called ‘Ode’, which helps carers earn as they spend online and in-store, and comes recommended by Money Saving Expert.

Unlike many cashback schemes, the qualifying retailers are your regular supermarkets and chemists, including Asda, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Argos, Clarks, Wilko, B&Q and Boots to name a few. You could view the full list here.

Whether you use Ode to buy your weekly shop at your favourite supermarket, the odd DIY item, or a little bit of luxury, you could be earning up to 12% cashback every time you spend!

If you don’t want to use the cashback card, you can register with the club and still have access to some great discounts. The site offers great deals on holidays from Haven to Thomas Cook, with up to £300 discounted for carers, plus discounted insurances with only the most reputable brands, mobile phone deals from Samsung to iPhone, up to 50% off fashion and so much more!

There is also a section called ‘local discounts’ which lists discounts and deals in your area, from health and fitness to toys and skincare!

How easy is it to join

First, decide whether you’d like to start with the cashback card option or join their regular discount club. You can do both.

Ode card: Although this is a prepaid Visa, be reassured that no credit checks are needed, and the service is free for the first year. After that, once you’ve built your cashback, it’s just £2.99 a year, which is taken from your cashback balance! You can register easily here.

The club: A straightforward process with just a few extra steps to ensure they are only permitting carers into the scheme. Don’t be alarmed when you need to choose your carer role from the dropdown menu.

Discounts for key workers

To qualify, you need to be a key worker, working in the healthcare sector, however this doesn’t mean that only the frontline can apply. This site permits anyone in the field, from doctors and nurses, whether dentist, hospital or hospice, in the private healthcare field or NHS. The good news is that office staff and volunteers are also permitted to join.

You can apply for the generous cashback card, Ode, and enjoy up to 3% cashback at supermarkets including Asda and M&S, 5% cashback at John Lewis, up to 12% on eating out, 6% at Halfords, 6% at Waterstones, and 4.5% at stores like Primark. If you used your Ode card regularly, you’ll be counting that cashback in no time at all!

If you don’t want to take advantage of ‘Ode’, you can simply register to enjoy discounts on holidays, including cruises and long haul, plus insurance, utility bills, and even a charity lottery with up to £10,000 up for grabs!

How easy is it to join

Ode card: No credit checks are needed to obtain your cashback top up Visa card, and the service is free for the first year. After that, once you’ve built your cashback, it’s just £2.99 a year, which is taken from your cashback balance! You can easily check your balance via the accompanying app.

The club: Again, a straightforward process with just a few extra steps to ensure they are only permitting healthcare workers into the scheme. Sign up here and start saving.

Discounts for Teachers and Students

If you don’t qualify as a carer or as a healthcare professional, but you do work in education, or are a student, then head over to to make the most of some huge discounts!

With over 600,000 education professionals already subscribed to the club, you can be sure to get the best discounts on offer.

To qualify, you need to be a school, college, or university staff member, or a private or non-academic staff member. Volunteers, dinner staff and students are also catered for – as are retired education professionals. The family of registered professionals can use the discounts as well.

Subscribe to their Ode contactless Visa card to receive the generous cashback scheme on offer, with cashback of up to 12% at Ask Italian, 7% at New Look, 5% at National Express, 7% at Go Ape, plus the supermarkets most of us frequent regularly, including Asda and Sainsbury’s.

Use the card regularly to build your cashback, and offset it against your next grocery shop, ‘every little helps’.

Of course, you can join the scheme without the cashback card, and make the most of their offers and discounts on insurance, car selling and leasing, some incredible mobiles deals from iPhone to Samsung, O2 to Vodafone, plus social media pages to follow to keep tabs on the latest deals! 

How easy is it to join discountsforteachers.couk?

Ode card: Build up your cashback with the contactless top up Visa card for one full year before the annual fee of £2.99 is deducted. No credit checks are needed –  and it comes with an accompanying app so you can check your savings as you spend! It’s a doddle to sign up, here.

The club: Again, a straightforward process with just a few extra steps to ensure they are only permitting those in the education sector into the scheme. Sign up here and start saving.

Discounts for everyone!

Groupon vs Wowcher vs Tastecard

Is Groupon any good?

The ‘original’ voucher site is still going strong with offers in all the right places. 

While they do offer some great deals, they are not necessarily exclusive, with similar deals on other discount sites. But you can pick up some cost-saving bargains, such one month of dog food for £1, and some lower priced makeup which can go some way to helping manage a budget.

Worth a try? Click here to subscribe for free – and simply unsubscribe if it’s not for you.

Is Wowcher any good?

If you’re looking for super-budget ideas, then it’s worth subscribing to Wowcher, however keep an eye on quality of goods as it can be a little hit and miss.

Useful for budget garden furniture, homeware, mini-breaks, and ad hoc gifts, they also run a ‘mystery deal’ opportunity which may or may not include a £1,000 Selfridges voucher for £10.

You will need to subscribe, for free, however emails can be frequent and not close enough to your location to benefit from local services. Find out more.

Is Tastecard worth getting?

The Diners Club card of today!

Tastecard discounts are regular offers, so you do come to expect discounts for your local cinema, Zizzi, Bella Italia, takeaway pizza and more – which makes it very handy to know where to head if you are in another town, for example.

They are currently offering a free 60-day trial, which could be ideal to see you through Easter, with up to 40% off cinema tickets and 50% of restaurant and takeaway food. After that it’s £39.99 for an annual membership.

Top tip: If you cancel prior to your payment date, you’ll usually be sent a discounted offer to join. Find out more here.

The most popular discounts for all three if these discount clubs tend to be the restaurant offers, but do stick to the brands you know, or research the restaurants in advance as these can be a little hit and miss.

Do you use a discount club? Let us know.