How to make Valentine’s Day special during lockdown

Ok, so pubs and restaurants are currently closed, and you may be thinking about how you can make your loved one feel special this Valentine’s day. We’ll we’ve got a whole host of ideas for …

Ok, so pubs and restaurants are currently closed, and you may be thinking about how you can make your loved one feel special this Valentine’s day. We’ll we’ve got a whole host of ideas for you. And if you’re single – don’t worry, we’ve got that covered too!

Set the day up right with Breakfast in Bed

As Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday this year, why not have a relaxing start to the day with some breakfast in bed. If you need a little inspiration, check out Town and Country Magazine for some recipe ideas.

Go on a romantic walk

If you’ve got a local spot that means something to you both, maybe take a walk and surprise your other half with a bottle of fizz and chocolates as a treat. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you could make a treasure hunt out of it, with clues that lead up to a final gift.

Order a takeaway.

What’s not to love about this? Yes, you may have ordered a few of these of late, because quite frankly with the kids being off school, sometimes we need a break from the cooking on top of everything else going on right now. But maybe try something a little more exotic, something you’ve not tried in a while. With the likes of Deliveroo, UberEats and JustEat, there’s now more to choose from than ever, it’s not just your normal Chinese or Curry takeaways! And look online for some discount codes. You might find one for UberEats if it’s just launched in your area!

At Home Spa

If you or your partner have spent the last few weeks working, home schooling or just simply trying to survive lockdown 3, you may feel like you just need a moment to chill. What better way to treat your partner by running them a bath, lighting some candles (men like candles too!), handing them a beer or glass of wine, so they can just unwind whilst you go cook dinner, look after the kids or walk the dog whilst they relax for half an hour.  

At home pub crawl

Why not get dressed up, mix up some cocktails and move from room to room, each on with a different theme and cocktail experience. Mix it up with some tunes to fit the theme. Or how about a wine tasting evening. Now, you could of course head down to the local supermarket and pick up a few bottles, but we found this little gem of a wine-tasting kit form Kaskwine – click here to find out more.


A firm A-Plan favourite as you may well know! We love a good series or movie to snuggle down to. And if you’ve not seen Bridgerton, that’s a must see! As one of Netflix’s biggest ever shows, it tells of a close nit family of 8 siblings, mainly focussed on Daphne Bridgerton and her relationship with the Duke of Hastings. But if you’ve got kids, make sure they’re in bed as there are some scenes of an adult nature.

And for the single ladies and gents…

Of course, getting a takeaway, watching Netflix or running a bath is not limited to those in a relationship. If nothing else, the day should serve as a reminder to be kind to yourselves. Lockdown hasn’t been easy for any of us, and it sure hasn’t helped those wanting to get out there and find love. And whilst it won’t be like this forever, for now, do what makes you happy and take some time for yourself.

Time with family

Whether you’re in a bubble with family or have your children at home, there’s nothing better than spending some quality time with family. Whether that’s a good old natter, having dinner together, playing games or something else, enjoy the day.

Catch up with friends online

Why not host a Zoom call with your best friends (single or not) for a quiz night, disco and drinks or virtual wine tasting. You could collate a list of wines that you all buy from the supermarket (they don’t need to be full size bottles) and then host the evening with a write up on each wine and catch up on the week’s events.


This one is a bit niche, but some of us love nothing more than spending the day at home organising and sorting. You could even look over those annual goals you might have set at the start of the year and see how you’re getting on. Or have a Marie Kondo day by sorting out those cupboards and if it doesn’t ‘spark joy’ maybe it’s time to have a clear out.

Catch up on some DIY

Again, not everyone’s idea of fun, but it could be your day to tick some of those jobs off the list and it’s a great way to keep busy and feel like you’ve achieved something.

Head out for a walk or some exercise

There’s nothing better for our mental health and blowing away some of those winter cobwebs than moving our bodies. And if you’re fortunate enough to live near the countryside, get those wellies and walking boots on and go for an adventure.


If you’re an avid gamer – a whole day dedicated to your favourite activity could be as good as any. But make sure you get some time to get outdoors for some fresh air too!