How to help a learner driver in your family

With an estimated five-month delay on the horizon for new practical tests to take place, A-Plan has been working with ingenie to see what support is available for learner drivers.

While there has been some rejoicing over confirmation of practical tests resuming on April 22nd (at the earliest and all hinging on the roadmap success), there have been rumours circulating about a 750k test backlog threatening to cause huge delays to a successful rollout.

However, data obtained from the Government  shows that this might not be as dire as first thought. 400k is the more likely figure and all those who had tests cancelled up until 22nd April 2021, will be automatically rebooked and notified.

But speculation tells us that it could take 20 weeks for this backlog to be waded through and that’s before any new tests can be rebooked.

What happens now?

So, what does this mean for candidates wanting to book their first test? Well, this could indicate that new tests won’t be happening until we near the end of 2021.

However, this is still all dependent on what happens in the next few months and ‘keep calm and carry on’ certainly comes to mind. Focusing on what we can control is a sensible approach and one positive and pro-active thing to do is to look at what support our long-suffering learner drivers would benefit from.

Go on…

It’s no secret that practice makes perfect and some more hours driving and learning on the road can’t hurt. For those starting to learn, or were in the middle of learning, this could be a blessing in disguise, but the issue still remains, that instructor led lessons can’t resume until 12th April at the earliest.

So, the latest noise from the DVSA*, is that once they have been given the green light that normal business can resume, they will spring into action to do all they can to reduce the backlog as quickly as possible. The DVSA are aiming to do this by enlisting emergency examiners, increase testing capacity and a large recruitment drive to facilitate this is already underway. You can read the full article here

In the meantime, let’s help you and your learner get ahead of this roadblock.

We’re talking private practice and test ready

Lessons might not be starting till mid-April but your chariot on the drive is a perfect alternative.

Learning in their own, or your car could be just as good, if not better, as it can:

  • Refine reflexes
  • Help gain more experience
  • Refresh knowledge
  • Build more confidence

ingenie have made getting ‘test ready’ seamless and offer great insurance choices to facilitate flexible and accessible learning.

With great benefits like:

  • Competitive prices
  • Simple plans
  • No Claims build up and protection
  • Discounts for safe driving
  • Top-up months for learner insurance

And when your learner has passed their practical test (of which, we have no doubt!), then ingenie are there to help transition to full driver cover. With just a quick phone call, your newly passed learner driver can cruise home on their own, if they wish.

ingenie believe in supporting clients in succeeding in their driving journey and they want their learner to pass easily, safely and hassle free. Visit ingenie for more details.

Together, we can make 2021 a better one for our young drivers.