How do you die well?

A survey by creative agency Rankin has revealed that 87% of people in the UK agreed that, if they felt more comfortable discussing death, it would be easier to have our end-of-life wishes met.

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Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the subject of death has never been so prominent, and we know that many of our A-Plan clients, and colleagues, have experienced an unexpected loss during this time. But, despite death being a universal experience, we still find conversations about it incredibly hard, making it one of the life events we’re least equipped to deal with. Nobody wants to die, but as we have to, there is a way to plan it well, for the sake of our loved ones.

A recent a well-respected e-book by Life and Over 50’s life insurance insurer Royal London, is full of essays and cultural conversations, and is an important resource for anyone planning their own funerals in advance, or indeed, dealing with death. You download your FREE digital copy here.

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In their words ‘talking about the most difficult things in life makes living them so much easier.‘ By approaching topics such as end-of-life planning, arranging a funeral, saying goodbye to loved ones and coping with grief, Royal London hopes to break the silence around death and provide the practical support and information needed to make dying well a fundamental part of living well.

The book has four key chapters:

Before you go

This section talks candidly about death, including end-of-life wishes, whether you need a will, inheritance tax, a bucket list, along with interviews with several professionals in the field, including Royal London’s CEO, Barry O’Dwyer.

Your funeral

From your funeral checklist and choices, to understanding cultural differences, this section also outlines tricky topics such as funeral poverty, facts and figures and further insight interviews with the professionals.

Saying goodbye

Emotive topics, including ‘that tender conversation’ is discussed by Dr Kathryn Mannix, along with more practical measures such as knowing who will take care of your beloved pets and your epitaph.

Good grief

Why do we have to die? What happens to the brain during grief? This phase comes with endless questions. Some of which the e-book addresses via cultural insights and a grief reading list.

Each of these insightful chapters provide practical support and guidance – including fact sheets, checklists, and further resources.

One of the ways A-Plan can support you is helping you to arrange a competitive over 50’s life insurance policy that can support and help your loved ones with funeral costs when you pass away.

An over 50’s life insurance policy is best for anyone who would like to leave a lump sum of money behind after they pass away. This could be to pay for funeral costs, clear any existing debts or to leave a gift to a loved one.

This type of policy can work well if you don’t want to talk about your personal circumstances, your BMI or your family history. Everyone is accepted, the only thing you need to understand is that there can be a 1, 2 or 3 year qualification period before you could claim on your policy. That means you need to have had your policy for 1, 2 or 3 years before a full pay-out will be made.

The A-Plan team are on hand to talk about these delicate matters in a clear and professional way, to ensure that you fully understand all of the details, knowing we are exceptionally supportive in the event of a claim. And for ease of mind, each A-Plan client will also have access to a free will worth up to £130.

Find out more about our Over 50’s Life Insurance here, or simply call us on 0800 172 172 to discuss your needs in more detail.