Home for the holidays? Don’t chance your luck

Home for the holidays? Don’t chance your luck

UK cities feature in list of most costly places to stay

The countdown to the summer holidays has begun. A-Plan, the high street insurance broker in Banbury is urging local residents to think about travel insurance cover for their UK based break following a recent report that ‘staycations’ are on the rise*. Underlining the importance of cover, London and Edinburgh have just featured as two of the world’s most costly cities to stay in a hotel**, with London at eighth place with the average cost of a double room £140.

Ricky Sehmi, Branch Manager of A-Plan in Banbury says: “Staycations can be just as if not more expensive than some overseas trips yet when our specialist travel team speaks to people about their travel plans and insurance, few have considered the need for cover if they stay in the UK.”

“Travel insurance isn’t just for overseas trips. Whether you’re jumping in the car for a week in Wales or catching the train for a scout around Scotland, travel costs, accommodation and spending money all add up. If you have paid for a holiday in the UK and can’t go due to accident or ill-health, travel insurance should provide some protection against the financial loss of the deposit or the full payment if that has been made. It can also provide cover against loss or theft of cash or valuables while away. The key is to ensure cover is in place as soon as the booking is made.

“Also make sure you also declare any pre-existing medical conditions or you risk any health related claims being declined by the insurer.”

“No-one wants to think about something going wrong, either before or during our holidays, but the right policy will offer valuable peace of mind and will help ease the stress if something does go wrong. Scouring the internet to find the right policy is not always as straightforward as it may seem, particularly if you don’t fit neatly into a box as demanded by online comparison sites. Let your insurance broker do the work to find a policy to suit your exact needs. You’ll also have the assurance of the broker’s valuable support if something does go wrong and you need to make a claim.”

*TripAdvisor has recently reported that London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Glasgow, Liverpool and Birmingham are currently amongst the top 15 destination searches.
**Bloomberg’s World Cities Hotel Index.