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Home Contents Insurance: Renters – Are you Covered?

If you rent don’t assume your landlord will cover your home contents insurance. A recent report commissioned by the Financial Inclusion Commission stated that “nearly 16 million adults living in rented or owner occupied accommodation in the UK have no home contents insurance cover for their possessions…60% of those on £15,000pa or less have no home contents cover and these ones face higher risks of loss and have limited capacity to replace or repair.”

Having home contents insurance provides that peace of mind that you will have immediate access to funds in case of loss and gives protection from your savings being used, or having to borrow money elsewhere, for unexpected bills coming from damage due to fire, flood and theft. Extended accidental damage and personal possessions (away from the home) covers can be additionally purchased.

Tenants’ Home Contents Insurance top tips


  • If you, your partner or family rent the home simply buy standard home contents insurance
  • If you flat share, not all insurers are happy to insure you so you may have to shop around. If you opt for room only insurance, there are certain key points that you need to make sure that you do so as not to invalidate your insurance.
  • If you opt for a policy covering a whole flat-share, keep in mind that becoming a named person on a joint policy can bring unwanted consequences because of so-called ‘association’. In other words, if one of your housemates makes a claim, it will affect everyone else’s premium at renewal.
  • Don’t under-estimate what your contents are worth. If you under insure your contents this could lead to your getting less than the value of your items when you have to claim.
  • Students: check if your parent’s policy already covers you. The cover only applies whilst your goods are in your accommodation and as long as your parent’s home is your main permanent address.

If you would like to talk to someone about home contents insurance, please contact your local A-Plan branch

Source material from the Financial Inclusion Commission; MoneySavingExpert.com