8 Tips on how to stay safe this Halloween

With Halloween upon us, we wanted to share some tips for staying safe and injury free.

The fire service has a series of tips to help people stay safe:

    • If you’re making homemade lanterns, think carefully about the fire risks – particularly the possibility of the candle falling over. It is far safer to use flickering LED candles than real candles in pumpkins and as part of displays.
    • Lanterns should never be made from plastic bottles or other plastic containers.
    • Make sure that fancy dress costumes and masks are labelled as flame-resistant.
    • Don’t use flammable materials to make home-made costumes. Be especially careful about using bin liners as capes.
    • Keep children away from naked flames and don’t let them carry lit candles or lanterns with candles in them.
    • If you must use candles, make sure they are securely placed in a correct holder and in a place where they are not likely to be knocked over. Keep them away from curtains, cushions and draughts.
    • Make sure candles are extinguished when you go to bed.
    • If you are using decorative lights in your home, ensure that electricity sockets are not overloaded and that they’re switched off at the socket at night.


If your children are going trick or treating, or if you’re going to be in at home on Halloween, here are some tips on appropriate trick or treating etiquette (adapted from Debretts)

    • “Lights on” generally means that trick or treaters are welcome/ lights off = don’t disturb
    • Ring the doorbell or knock on the door ONCE and ONCE only
    • “Trick or Treat” should not be delivered as a threat
    • Stay safe – parents need to be aware of the risks for unaccompanied minors – with respect to crossing roads, staying in well-lit areas and “stranger danger”. It might be better to go trick or treating with your children or encourage them to stay at home instead
    • Stay off people’s gardens
    • Do not go in someone’s house
    • Do not ask for and NEVER give money
    • Take your treat and move on
    • Do not throw eggs and flour at properties
    • Only take a few sweets & say thank you (do NOT ask for something else!)
    • Leave sweets outside if you want to take part but not be disturbed
    • Decorated houses usually indicate a willingness to take part, especially if displaying a lit jack-o-lantern.


Have a safe and happy Halloween!