Goods in Transit Van Insurance

When you run a business that involves transporting goods, your reputation is dependent on the safe delivery of those goods to the customers who’ve paid for them. Whether you run one van or a whole fleet of them, carrying them for your own company or on behalf of a client, you need the peace of mind that you have the right level of insurance cover if the goods you’re carrying are lost, damaged or stolen. You’ll also want the reassurance that your business is protected against the potential consequences of delays.

As one of the largest van insurance brokers in the UK, we have access to the very best deals to get you the right goods in transit van insurance cover, at the right price. Even better, our fast, efficient claims process means issues get dealt with quickly enough that the impact on your business is kept to a minimum.

Types of goods in transit van insurance

You may not realise it, but there are a number of specialist van insurance policies aimed at professional trade and retail businesses. Choosing the most appropriate one for your particular business is important in ensuring that you have the right cover for the nature of your business. Call us today and talk to one of our experts to find out which policy is best suited to your company.

In addition to goods in transit van insurance, you can also take out optional extra insurance cover to protect your tools. What’s more, we offer breakdown cover so that you can call for help if your van breaks down while you’re out on a delivery round.

Get a great deal on your goods in transit van insurance

When you’re shopping around for the best deals on your goods in transit van insurance, remember to look at more than just the price. Check the details of each policy carefully to ensure you’re getting an adequate level of cover. You can make life easier by getting in touch with us, as we do the hard comparison work for you so that you know you’re getting the best possible deal.