Getting ready for re-opening your business – check out our latest tips.

Since the Government announced that non-essential retail outlets could start opening again, we’ve taken the decision to look at how we can safely re-open our branches. There’s a whole range of guidance on the Government website around ensuring your business is COVID-secure, but we’ve also included some resources that you can download, print and use. To check to see if your business or venue can open, check here.

Carrying out a risk assessments

By law, you need to consider the safety or employees and protect them and others from harm. As a minimum, you should carry out a risk assessment to identify what could cause harm or illness, particularly relating to how the virus could be transmitted, who could be at risk, and how to control the risk.

Here at A-Plan, we’ve conducted thorough risk assessments using the government guideline and referring to the HSE website. We’ve assessed who needs to continue to work from home, who needs to use public transport to get to and from work and how we minimise risk for those colleagues and what social distancing and hygiene measures we need to implement across our branch network to keep our colleagues and clients safe.

Keeping your employees informed about the changes

It’s recommended that you work with trade unions and your employees to keep them fully informed along the way and provide clear, documented updates. Things to consider:

  • How will you regularly keep your colleagues up to date with the changes being made? For some, returning to work could cause anxiety and providing them with clear updates on the progress you’re making will help.
  • What training will you provide them about the changes in procedures?
  • Listen to your colleagues concerns and work with them to resolve these.
  • How will you communicate with Furloughed workers about their return to work? Is it safe to do so, is it mutually agreed?

Social distancing and hygiene measures

At A-Plan we’ve implemented social distancing measures, ensuring that colleagues sit 2meters apart and we’re delivering clear Perspex safety screens to protect them and our clients, which will be placed on the desk, allowing each other to speak naturally. We’ve also ordered hand sanitisers for everyone to use. Depending on your business, you may need to consider whether your employees need PPE

To highlight our social distancing measures, we’ve created some posters and have ordered floor stickers to help clients stand 2 meters apart if they’re waiting to speak to us.

To help you, we’ve included downloadable links so feel free to use the internal and/or external customer posters.

Below are the floor stickers we mentioned earlier, working with one of our suppliers Tewkesbury Printing. If you need some, contact Andy Siddell on 01684 850666 or email him

For more information about how to get your business ready and COVID-secure, check out the following links below:

HSE – Coronavirus guidance

Government guidance

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