motoring conviction

Getting insurance after a motoring conviction

If you’ve lost your driving licence as a result of a serious motoring conviction, you’ll already have had the challenge of living without a car for several months. While you’re probably looking forward to getting back behind the wheel, there’s another aspect to having lost your licence that you might not have considered: getting insurance. Today we’re looking at why it can be difficult to get affordable insurance in this situation, and what to do about it.

After you’re disqualified from driving

It’s important to note that you’re obliged to tell your insurer if you’ve lost your licence, because being disqualified from driving means you’ll no longer be able to meet the terms of your insurance. Unless you’ve got a Statutory Off-Road Notice (SORN) for your car for the period you won’t be driving it, you’ll need to continue to insure it with third party insurance even when it’s not being used.

When you get your driving licence back

Regardless of how you lost your licence – and there are a number of different circumstances in which this might happen, such as speeding, or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs – the way it looks on your driving record is the same. Having been disqualified from driving, you’ll find that your insurance quotes can go up significantly, and for as many as five years after your motoring conviction. What’s more, the premiums available to you will often have unfavourable terms and conditions attached, such as a higher excess. This is because you’re deemed a higher risk, as driving bans are reserved for the most serious motoring offences or for repeat offenders.

It’s harder to get affordable insurance when you’ve been banned from driving even temporarily, but it is still possible and it’s a legal requirement if you want to start driving again. You’ll also need to be honest about your driving convictions, because trying to hide a previous ban will invalidate your insurance. While some well-known insurance companies won’t insure a previously disqualified driver, here at A-Plan our specialists can help you find dedicated insurance cover for rehabilitated drivers – and for a price that won’t break the bank.

We’re even able to give you an insurance quote when you’ve been disqualified after drink driving, and when you’ve completed a rehabilitation course you can get access to certain discounts to help make your insurance premium more affordable. It’s worth taking any such courses you can, as you’ll find that the savings you can make on your insurance will often be greater than the cost of the course.

Finally, if you’re still struggling to find insurance you can afford to get you back on the road, another option is to consider changing your car. Smaller, less powerful cars have a higher safety record and therefore cost less to insure.

If you’re trying to get back behind the wheel after a serious motoring conviction, don’t despair: contact A-Plan and get a quote for rehabilitated driver insurance here.