Man on golf course

Get back golfing with tips from Golfplan

The clocks have gone forward, the lighter evenings are here and now that lockdown has eased a little further, we’re sure that for any golfing fans amongst us, you’ll no doubt be eager to be back out on the fairways! And no more mundane walks around your local estate in a bid make up for those lost steps you’d normally get from being out playing for three and a half hours…  

After 84 days away, our very own Golf Pro Alex Kotlarzewski from Golfplan was one of the first to be back out on the green. He commented “It felt like the longest time not being able to get to my local club and play a round of golf. So, I took the day off work and it was so good to be back playing a sport I feel so passionate about. The first tee shot felt incredible and it was great to see some familiar faces smiling and laughing as we walked round!”

Of course, with one of the few sporting or outdoor activities people can do at present, you may see clubs start to get busy very quickly. And with this, there could very well be a number of newcomers to the game. If there are inexperienced golfers, or some that don’t fully understand the golfing etiquette, this could see a stray ball heading in your direction – so keep your wits about you.

The last thing you might be thinking about is getting injured when you step out onto the course, but did you know that there are around 12,000 golfing injuries a year?! Staggering really! So what precautions can you take to keep yourself and your equipment safe, Alex from Golfplan gives his top tips:

  • Keep track of those around you – when it’s your turn to swing, it’s your responsibility to ensure you know where your golfing partners are and that they’re a safe distance from you.
  • Even if it’s not your turn to hit, stay aware of your surroundings, particularly if you’re close to an adjoining fairway.
  • Call ‘Fore’ if you hit your ball further than expected, or wide. This international warning sign is also your cue to get down, cover up, or get behind your bag or a tree to avoid being hit by a stray ball. It’s not unknown for a person or club to be liable for the costs of injuring another player. And you wouldn’t be covered under your household policy, as some might think, as this is only for injury caused at home, not on the golf course. So, it’s always considering protecting yourself against such an incident with specialist golf cover which has personal liability included.
  • Drive safely – it’s all common sense really, but keep your feet well inside the buggy, don’t go too fast, don’t go ‘off-roading’ over bumpy ground and certainly don’t get behind the wheel if you’d had a few beers during or prior to your time out on the course.
  • Take good care of your equipment. And we don’t just mean out on the fairways or at the driving range. Say for instance, you pack your golfing bag in the boot of your car then head off to have a socially distanced drink with your fellow players. It then gets pinched from the club car park – you’re unlikely to be covered by your home insurance. So again, look at specialist cover to protect your equipment at home and away. 
  • And of course, any decent golf insurance policy will cover the bar bill (up to a certain limit) if you happen to be lucky enough to get a hole-in-one!

So enjoy being back to golf and keep safe!

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