Find out how to take extra care of your employees this winter

Are you providing the right support to employees?

With a turbulent year nearly behind us, and an unclear one immediately ahead is there more you can do to support your hard-working team? Many employee benefit policies also now incorporate added value benefits such as mental health support it’s about time you found out more.

Make a checklist:

  • Are your current benefits out of date?
  • Do they still manage to attract and retain staff?
  • Are there new trends on the horizon you haven’t spotted yet?
  • Can they get access to a GP quickly?
  • Do you currently adequately support staff with mental health support?

Employee benefits are a great way to reward your staff and can make it easier to recruit the best people. But as well as providing protection for your employees, these policies can also help protect your business in the long term.

It’s worth taking some time and reviewing what’s out there and seeing if it can work for your organisation. To make it easier the below are all protection benefits, and we can help guide you and support you making sure you pay the price for the right policies.

  • Group Private Medical Insurance can reduce the amount of time employees are absent – private hospitals have much shorter waiting lists than the NHS as well as providing state of the art treatment and facilities. It can often be more affordable than you think and there are a variety of options to suit smaller employee numbers as well as large members of staff.
  • Another policy which can help with absenteeism is Group Income Protection. It pays out a percentage of your employee’s salary if they are unable to work but also comes with additional benefits to help prevent long term absence such as employee assistance programmes and vocational rehabilitation.
  • In many industries, Group Life Assurance is seen as a core employee benefit and is often far less expensive than you might think costing often less than 0.5% of payroll. With the focus on employee’s wellbeing, many providers include bereavement counselling and probate advice with their cover at no extra cost. It’s worth shopping around or taking specialist advice to find the right policy for your organisation.
  • Group Critical Illness is designed to pay a multiple of salary or a fixed sum to your employees if they are diagnosed with a critical illness. This type of policy is often overlooked even though people are far more likely to be diagnosed with a critical illness than die whilst in their working years. For many, this policy can be extremely valuable at a time of need and therefore can be essential when it comes to retaining your top staff.

All employee policies are designed to protect your employees & their families should the worst happen, but you can also provide more tangible employee benefits such as Group Cash Plans and Dental Insurance. They provide cash back on every day health expenses such visits to the dentist, optician and physiotherapy fees. These benefits will often be utilised by employees more regularly meaning that your staff will have easy visibility of the employer benefits on offer.

Costs will vary, so getting a quote and understanding your options are crucial.

Here at A-Plan we can provide independent advice on a wide range of employees benefits and can produce bespoke packages to suit your business needs.  Call our Group Protection team for a FREE and expert discussion on 01242 894930 or request a call back from our qualified team using the dedicated form.