Tasks you may have forgotten due to COVID

Renewing your driving licence

Because of COVID-19, last year the Government agreed to extend the expiration date of driving licences by up to 11 months. This ended on 31 December 2020. So it’s worth checking yours now, just in case it has expired and you weren’t aware. If it has, you’ll need to apply for a new one as the automatic extension doesn’t mean automatic renewal. You can apply online at gov.uk.

Getting your car MOT’d

Again, last year the Government extended the expiry date of MOT’s by up to six months, but this automatic extension ended on 31 January 2021. As you’ll know, getting an MOT certificate for your vehicle is mandatory, so if you’ve missed your MOT expiry date, you’ll need to get your vehicle booked in at your local garage asap.

If you can’t remember when your MOT expired, you can easily check this on the Government’s MOT checker. This will tell you if your vehicle has a valid MOT and the date it is due to expire. If your cars MOT has expired, you shouldn’t be driving it. The only exception here is to drive it to the MOT test centre/garage for a pre-booked MOT. For more information on driving without a valid MOT certificate, read our full article here.

Taxing your vehicle

There’s not been any extensions on taxing your vehicle. If the vehicle tax on your car has expired, you’ll either need to renew or SORN your vehicle. You can do this easily online providing you’ve got your tax reminder, vehicle log book (VC5) or the green ‘new keeper’ slip. Visit gov.uk to get your vehicle taxed or SORN’d.  

Renewing your passport

Whilst the vast majority of us are going nowhere for the foreseeable, it’s always useful to ensure that your passport is up to date – as you may need it as proof of ID (particularly if your driving licence has expired!). On average, renewing a passport can take around three weeks, but you can check online at passportwaitingtime.co.uk to get a more accurate view on how long it’s taking.

It costs £75.50 to renew an adult’s passport and £49 to renew a child’s passport if you apply online and you can do this through gov.uk.

Driving abroad – don’t forget you’ll need a green card.

If you’re planning on driving a vehicle abroad, now that we’ve left the EU, you’ll need additional documentation. Check out our full article here.