Easter crafts: no-sew bunnies

From no-sew bunnies to delicious treats and papercraft with downloadable templates, follow us to get some crafty ideas to keep your little ones busy this Easter.

Easter - No-Sew Bunnies

No-sew Sock Bunnies

If you have a pile of odd socks, and younger children who you would prefer to keep away from scissors and sewing needles, this could be the perfect project.

Baby socks make baby bunnies, big socks make big bunnies, while patterned or multicolored socks are even more fun! Tip: If you use a darker colour sock, switch the black marker for a white fabric paint.

These are great to make as a ‘recycled’ gift for someone, whether on its own, or popped into a gift basket or mug. Or just make one to enjoy it’s company. A great little activity to do with a group of friends. Here’s how me made ours.

You will need:

  • Socks – any size, any colour
  • One cup, to hold the sock while you fill it with rice
  • A cup of uncooked rice
  • Elastic bands
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Black marker

How to make:

Easter Crafts for Kids - A-Plan Insurance
Get everything ready to make your bunny.
Easter Crafts for Kids - A-Plan Insurance
Place a sock over a cup, and fill the inside with rice. Use as much or as little to make your bunny firm or squishy.
Easter Crafts for Kids - A-Plan Insurance
Use 3 elastic bands to tie the bunny in 3 places – the bobble tail, around the neck, and the top of the head.
Easter Crafts for Kids - A-Plan Insurance
Cut the fabric at the top in two halves to make the ears.
Easter Crafts for Kids - A-Plan Insurance
Add eyes and a nose with a marker pen, and decorate with a bow.

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