Don’t put that heating on yet!

The weather is definitely turning colder and temperatures dipped as low as 3 degrees last week with ground frost in places. With energy prices high, many of us are reluctant to turn on the central heating just yet! Here are 10 small adjustments that you can make in your home to keep that moment at bay for now and also to keep the cost of warming your home as low as possible when you do finally have to give in:

1. Close the curtains
Heat escapes through the windows, so closing the curtains will help keep it in.
2. Let the sun in
If it is sunny, it is actually a good idea to ignore the above and open your curtains to let the natural heat of the sun warm up the room. Don’t forget to close the curtains again when evening falls to keep the heat in.
3. Eat and drink warm
If you are at home, keep yourself warm with warm drinks and hot, hearty food like soups and stews.
4. Put a rug on it
Bare floorboards will stay cold and make the room feel colder underfoot – cover yours up with a rug.
5. Add a layer
It makes sense to wear a jumper and warm socks if you are feeling chilly. However, lots of thin layers actually work better than one chunky knit as they trap the heat from your own body. You could even try wearing a hat as a lot of heat escapes from your head. It may feel strange to wear a hat indoors but it will keep you cosy and avoid you having to put the heating on.
6. Block out draughts
Use a rolled up towel to act as a draught excluder, especially along the bottom of external doors. You could also try hanging a curtain up over these doors.
7. Use a hot water bottle
Put a hot water bottle in your bed an hour before bedtime. Don’t forget to use your winter duvet with a high tog rating
8. Leave the oven door open
After you’ve cooked your evening meal, leave the oven door open (with the oven off) to allow heat you’ve already paid for to spread into the kitchen.
9. Do some housework
Sitting still is the worst way to feel the cold. Try doing something energetic instead – like a bit of housework to keep warm.
10. Shut the doors and insulate
Keep doors closed – particularly on rooms that you don’t use. In addition, cold air can come in through your letterbox or cat flap if you have one. Consider using a “brush” on your letterbox and blocking off the catflap with a piece of blanket.