Don’t leave these in your car or van during freezing weather

If temperatures drop well below zero this month, don’t be tempted to leave the following items in your vehicle overnight (as you make a quick dash into your warm and toasty home!):

Electronic Devices with Lithium Batteries.

Apple recommends not exposing an iPhone, iPad or laptop to temperatures below -4 degrees Celsius; battery life can reduce and condensation can damage the screen of chilly electronic devices.


Most medication needs to be stored at room temperature for optimal efficacy. Insulin, for example, becomes ineffective once frozen. As do many liquid medicines which require shaking before use.

Wooden Musical Instruments.

Wood constricts when it freezes, possibly resulting in cracking. Guitars, for example, should be stored at room temperature to prevent cold damage to the neck and strings.

Tinned Food.

The water content in tinned food, once frozen, will expand, resulting in possible explosion! If you don’t want to wake up to a car peppered in baked beans, make sure you don’t leave your groceries in your boot during freezing weather.

Fizzy Drinks.

Similarly, fizzy drink cans are susceptible to exploding if allowed to freeze. Coca-Cola freezes at just -1 degrees Celsius and beer, at -2! As the UK experiences sub-zero temperatures, it’s worth refraining from using your vehicel as a drinks’ cooler!

Low Fuel Tank.

Keeping your tank more than half full can prevent fuel lines from freezing. It’s also the ideal time to check antifreeze levels, and also your tyre pressure; a 10 degrees temperature drop, can cause a constriction of air in the tyre.

Your Keys!

Don’t be tempted to leave your car or van idling to ‘warm up’ or just to pop-in to the shop. You’ll impact wear and tear, use unnecessary fuel and possibly have your car stolen, invalidating your insurance. Run the car or van for 30 seconds max before driving off slowly to allow the oil to heat up.

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