Don’t get ripped off by fake car insurance claims management companies

Just recently, one of our clients called out of hours what they thought was the A-Plan car claims helpline, but luckily were quickly able to identify that it wasn’t in fact A-Plan at the end of the line.

Warnings from both the Insurance Fraud Bureau and the Association of British Insurers were made in 2020, highlighting the risk of these click-to-call advertisers, pretending to be an insurance firm or broker, so they can scam clients out of money.

If you need to make a car claim

Always talk to your local A-Plan branch, if needed visit our website directly at and use the ‘find a branch’ tool to locate the details, and if contacting us out of office hours, call our helpline on 0345 375 2313.

If you’re ever unsure if it’s us, offer to call us back, and follow the instructions above.