Does Father Christmas need Key Person Cover?

Twas the night before Christmas when all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
Santa was busy filling each stocking with care,
When a terrible thought gave him a scare.

What would happen to Christmas when he was gone?
Without his knowledge & skill, how could it possibly go on?
The elves would all panic, the business wouldn’t survive,
Millions of children’s presents wouldn’t arrive.

When Christmas was over, Santa started to think.
But being so worried he could not sleep a wink.
After tossing and turning, the solution was clear,
A broker would offer the best advice for his fear.

He spoke to A-Plan who assessed all the risks,
And advised that Key Person Cover would be the best fit.
If Santa died, the business would receive a lump sum,
To ensure that Christmas would continue on.

The benefit could help cover all sorts of costs,
Like recruitment and filling the skills gap that’s been lost.
With insurance in place, Santa’s worries all fled.
Now only visions of sugar plums danced in his head.

An adaptation of “Twas the night before Christmas”, Clement Moore

Key Person cover is a policy taken out by the business on the life of someone who is essential and integral to the business. It helps provide a financial comfort blanket if a key member of staff dies or is diagnosed with a serious illness (if critical illness is included). The insurance pay-out is paid directly to the business helping with business continuity, loss of profits or productivity, recruitment and to support keeping the business trading.

If you think losing a key person through illness or death would have a huge negative impact on your business’s profits, then it’s worth exploring the cover. Call our Group Protection team for a FREE and expert discussion on 01242 894930 or request a call back from our qualified team using the dedicated form.