Cyber Security – NCSC Opens for Business

The NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre) will be the UK’s authority on cyber security.  It is part of GCHQ and will bring together CESG – the Information Security arm of GCHQ – the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure, CERT-UK and the Centre for Cyber Assessment, to form one organisation that will simplify the current cyber security landscape.

This centre will focus on:

    • Understanding the cyber security environment, sharing knowledge and using that expertise to identify and address systematic vulnerabilities;
    • Reducing risks to the UK by working with public and private sector organisations to improve their cyber security;
    • Responding to cyber security incidents to reduce the harm they cause to the UK; and
    • Nurturing and growing national cyber security capability, and provide leadership on critical national cyber security issues.


In practice, this means making it easier for both people and businesses to understand how to protect their information and IT from cyber attacks, in the same way as they understand how to protect themselves and their property from other kinds of crime.

Part of this is about advice and information, and helping communities share their knowledge. The NCSC website will direct visitors to where to get expert help, such as cyberaware and For organisations and businesses, the Cyber-security Information Sharing Platform (CiSP) has been designed to let you join with people in similar circumstances to discuss common threats and strategies, and the Cyber Essentials scheme provides the tools to implement – and demonstrate – good ‘cyber hygiene’.

The NCSC will also be working behind the scenes to improve the underpinning technologies we all rely on. This might involve working with service providers to take action to reduce the known scamming and phishing emails in circulation, or encouraging IT providers to make their products more secure.

One of the first priorities for improving cyber security across the UK will be that the NCSC understands what can make it difficult for people and organisations to protect themselves. To that end, they’ll be running some consultation groups and surveys over the coming months, focused on different sizes and types of organisation. If your organisation might be interested in helping them understand the challenges you have, you can get in touch by using the contact us page. Use the General enquiry category, and add the subject-line ‘Get involved’.

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